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Using The Vision Improvement Sessions to Improve your Vision to 20/20

“How much will my eyesight improve in 1 month?”

People email me this question fairly often so I decided to write a quick article explaining the process you will need to take to potentially improve your vision to 20/20 vision and how long it might take.

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How long will it take? It depends on your current vision. If your vision isn’t too bad and if you don’t currently wear prescription lenses you can potentially strengthen your vision to 20/20 so that you don’t need to buy prescription lenses.

If you do wear prescription lenses and you want to strengthen your vision until they are no longer needed you will have to get lower prescription eyeglasses (it is usually called “stepped-down” glasses) and continue the sessions until you can see clearly out of them.

So for example, if you were to get a pair of eyeglasses that are .25 diopters lower than your current prescription you could probably see clearly out of them within about 3 hours (maybe a little more or less). As you continue to do this (it will take some time) you could potentially and incrementally improve your vision to 20/20.

There is a great website where you can get really cheap eyeglasses that could help you do this without breaking the bank… They have eyeglasses for $6.95 per pair for very basic glasses. You could get several pairs to start off and run the Vision Improvement Sessions until you can see clearly out of each.

So let’s say your prescription is -4.00 diopters and you want to improve your vision to -3.25. You would need, just as an example, 3 new pairs of glasses, -.25, -.50 and -.75, lower than your current prescription. In this example, you would need lenses with the following prescriptions… -3.75, -3.50 and -3.25. Starting with the strongest pair, -3.75, you will run the sessions for a while until you can see clearly out of them. You may want to run the sessions without wearing your glasses for some time and then put them on every once in a while to try to gauge how much longer it will take before you can see clearly out of them. The reason why you may want to do this is just to relax your eyes while you wait for your vision to get clearer. The sessions work faster when you are not straining your eyes so this could quicken the process. Then you will move on to the next pair, -3.50 diopters, until you can see clearly out of them. Continue doing this until you can see out of your lowest prescription eyeglasses.

Continue getting lower prescription eyeglasses until you are down to 20/20 vision.

Of course, you can buy glasses in larger increments, for example -.50 diopters, at a time. In this case you would need prescriptions at -3.50, -3.00 and -2.50. It will take a while longer for the sessions to strengthen your vision by a half diopter though so make sure you have time to go without your stronger prescription glasses.

If you’re thinking about trying the Vision Improvement Sessions you may want to test them first before you begin buying several sets of glasses. After you see that the sessions work you can then plan to buy several lower powered, or stepped-down, glasses at a time and begin your journey to 20/20 vision.


The above information is only meant to be an example of the possibility to obtain 20/20 vision. I do not guarantee any user of the sessions will gain 20/20 or better vision. The time frame I use may not be possible for all users. In each specific case it may take much longer to improve vision by .25 diopters. I use in my examples a timeframe of 3 hours but it could take a person several more hours for this amount of improvement. The reason being that each person’s eyes are different… the way you use your eyes are different. Some people strain their eyes significantly daily depending on the type of job they have or the amount of stress they are under, etc. If you take care not to strain your eyes throughout the day the time it takes to improve your vision will decrease. Please keep this in mind when using the sessions.

The reason I created the Vision Improvement sessions is to keep my vision and those of the people close to me from deteriorating, to keep them from having to get stronger prescriptions every 6 months to a year or sooner. It was not created with the purpose of getting anyone to 20/20 vision.

I have not yet tried getting my prescription down because I don’t have the time or inclination at this point. I have too many other things to do that it is not at the top of my list of priorities. Do I think it is possible to improve vision so that you can begin to get weaker glasses? Yes, definitely. Do I think you can improve vision to 20/20? Yes, definitely. Has anyone tried it yet? No.

A lot goes into trying to improve vision. You have to get weaker sets of eyeglasses as you go. You have to keep getting new prescriptions which can be very expensive. If you work or are very busy then it will take some time to do these things. It is not a quick fix or process. If someone were to try it they would have to spend a good amount of time and money.

The energy ball I created for this project has a fail-safe included. That is, it will not run all day long or for days, weeks, etc. The eyeball can only make a certain amount of change at a time. After a short time the eyeball needs rest and time to acclimate to the changes. What happens is that the energy will at some point make a decision to stop running the energy into the eye when it has had enough. Now, the way I have the sessions setup, you can tell the energy to stop before it does on its own but if you don’t stop it manually it will stop on its own at some point.

Usually, when I use the session I only run it for about 15-20 minutes at a time. After this amount of time I can feel the pressure very strongly in the eyeball and my vision has improved to where my vision is sharp again and I can see objects very far away easily, without straining. I only use the session when needed, especially after reading or working on the computer for long periods of time without rest. These activities put a lot of strain on the eyes. If I did not either do these sessions or some kind of eye exercises I would need a new pair of glasses every week. That seems quite excessive but I’ve had it happen before. My prescription is already quite high and I could not allow this to continue. Not only is this very expensive but it is dangerous for the health of the eyes. The higher your prescription the more chance you have of serious eye damage like retinal detachment.

If you were to try to lower your prescription with weaker glasses I recommend getting the special eyeglasses where you can adjust your prescription a little at any time. You must be careful to make sure that you always lower it and never make it stronger than your current eyeglasses. And always follow the precautions that come with those glasses. Mainly I’m talking about not driving with them on.

Because of the fail-safe you will not be able to start the session and think that in a few hours, while you sleep or something, or in a few days that you will miraculously open your eyes and have 20/20 vision.