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Metaphysical Automatic Energy Sessions

The Mental, Emotional, Body and Mind Automatic Energy Healing Sessions available on this website has similar effects of subliminal audios, binaural beats, energy body work and hypnosis but without using audio. No meditation is needed either.

The sessions were created using energy thought forms.

To use the automatic sessions you just click a Start button on the page and the session will begin doing something to your body and/or mind. For example, the Vision Improvement Sessions will begin strengthening the eye muscles and making your vision clearer. This happens automatically with no help on your part. All you need to do is sit back and relax while it happens.

In some cases, you can use these sessions while watching TV, reading, working, etc. You receive the benefit of the particular session you choose just by clicking a Start button. It really is as simple as that.

How is it possible that these sessions work to do seemingly miraculous things without the help of any special tools or machines? Please read this article I’ve written entitled, What are thought-forms, energy balls, Psionic energy…?, where you can learn more about my metaphysical work and background and how I create and use thought forms to create changes in your mind and body.

I’ve created these sessions so that you don’t have to do anything while the specific energetic thought form does the work for you. In most cases you can either relax or be moving around while the session is running.

Find more automatic energy sessions on my Youtube page.

What Can Thought Forms Do

These energetic thought forms (depending on which one you choose) can create a change in the functioning of the body, mind or aura, depending on the thought form itself and the effect it is to make, which can cause the following:

– repair and restoration of the cells in the particular area it is to affect
– higher rate of cell replication needed for growth and repair
– change in the bonds of certain molecules within the body
– repair in the functioning of the body including the cells, systems and organs that make up the body (or of a specific area)

Mental and Emotional
– clearing out of negative energy
– clearing out of old traumatic or painful memories
– clearing out limiting beliefs and energetic blocks
– clearing the aura of negative energy
– healing of life issues which helps to create a healthier, happier life

This is done strictly with the help of these thought-form energies.

It would be hard for you to receive the benefits provided by these mental, emotional, body and mind energy sessions in any other way. In most cases, you would not have access to these benefits at all. For others, you would have to learn some technique to receive results, such as meditation or energy body work, or you have to take dangerous medications to help control whatever may be going wrong with the body or mind.

External medications are damaging to the cells of the body whereas these energetic thought forms are not dangerous in any way. They are safe and will not harm any cells, systems or organs.

View a list of available sessions you can try. See the About and Accessing and Using the Sessions pages for more information.