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Manifestation Radionics Machine and Solomon Seals Results

I have a few more results that I’ve noticed when using specific Key of Solomon Seals. In my last post I talked about my results with some of the money and business seals/talismans and the talisman alleged to bring the possessor all things they may desire, The 1st Pentacle of the Sun. I have been running these seals for a little over 2 months now and I have noticed something new.

Attracting More Business
One thing I’ve noticed recently is that whenever I want to attract more business I just sort of say to myself and aloud sometimes, “I want more sales” or “please bring me more sales” while thinking of the seals that I have set up on my Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine. I also use the Business Success codes on my machine for an extra boost. Usually within a day or two I will get several sales pouring in. Another thing I notice is that if I get a good amount of sales it will be just enough for me to handle and not so many that I have too much to do. It’s like the perfect amount but I believe if I continued to say those phrases or something close I would get lots more sales… possibly more than I could handle.

Update June 20, 2014: I just realized I forgot to mention some other Seals I’ve been using. I actually created a special code I use that includes a number of Solomon Seals with specific intents specifically for my business success. I will be including this extra code Free for subscribers of the Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine with Talisman Seals. This code will help you to attract customers, make your customers feel comfortable buying your products and make them want to purchase your products. People will feel like they can trust you and your products more. This all leads to more sales than you would have had otherwise.

I have also been working hard on my blog, doing some Facebook advertising, creating experimental Youtube videos, creating new gigs on Fiverr, etc., which has collectively helped google to rank my pages higher in the search engines and as a result I’m getting a lot more traffic to my blog. All the extra work I’ve done certainly helps to attract more visitors.

How hard I’ve been working can be attributed to some codes I’ve been working with for getting things done like Success & Optimism, Concentration & Focus, Physical Energy/Energy Codes, Creativity and Brainstorming.

A Drive to Create
Since running these codes I seem to have a drive to continue to create new stuff. The codes keep me focused and on target. I’ll get an idea to try something new and I find myself like a woman on a mission and I will busily do whatever it takes until it’s done. I’ve really never had this feeling before, this drive to do something until completion until now. Since I’ve been working with the energy codes things are just different. I’m definitely getting a lot more stuff done than ever before.

The Seals Will Stop Working if You Take Them Off of the Machine
Something interesting happened that shows how the seals will stop working if I take their codes off of my Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine. I have my Manifestation Paper Radionics Machines setup in my room in the open where a strong draft can cause my slips of paper to go flying off. Well this is exactly what happened. Two weeks ago I noticed my sales dropped off considerably leaving me scratching my head trying to figure out what was going on. I finally thought to check my machine a few days later and found my codes and intentions were not properly in their correct spot on the machine. I felt so silly. I should have had them weighted down. I just remembered that I turned my ceiling fan up to high one day because it had gotten really hot so no wonder. After I put everything back in it’s rightful place I began getting more sales 2 days later. And now I have pennies weighing down all the components of my machine so nothing blows away. Make sure you weigh down your slips of paper if you have your machine sitting out in the open. Or you can put it in a drawer.

Healthier Vision
Another thing I’ve noticed is that when I work on the computer for several hours my eyes don’t get as tired and blurry as they used to. I believe it has to do with The 1st Pentacle of the Sun. Before setting up the Solomon Seals with my Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine I would have trouble seeing after only a short while of staring at the screen.

 Although the seals seem to work pretty well I’ve created an even better and stronger way to correct declining vision with the Automatic Vision Improvement Sessions. It strengthens vision better than any other method you will find. Take a look at the How to Stop Vision Loss & Repair Your Vision Infographic I’ve created to explain how it works as well.

I work many hours at the computer daily and I would say within about 2 hours my eyes used to get extremely tired and blurry. I wear corrective lenses and I found a neat trick to keep my eyes healthy and strong… at least strong enough that I do not have to get stronger prescription lenses every year.

What’s the trick? Pinhole glasses. They have tiny holes in them and you look through just one hole with each eye as you read. This trains the eye. It doesn’t really help you to see better if you have to continue using corrective lenses because you are continually going back to your prescription lenses which un-trains the eye. Just note you will only be able to train them to the strength of your current prescription. If you were able to go without your corrective lenses I believe you would be able to change your prescription lenses after a short time of using pinhole glasses.

To learn how they work Google and download “vision therapy eyewear manual pdf” without quotes. This book explains exactly how to use the glasses. I purchased mine from a seller on Amazon over a year ago for under $4.00 but this seller is no longer selling them.

So prior to using the Key of Solomon Seals I had to use these pinhole glasses daily, sometimes several times a day or my vision would be blurry the rest of the day. Since using the seals I haven’t had to use the pinhole glasses but a few times within one month’s time. I still like to use these glasses because I believe they are extremely beneficial in keeping the eyes strong. If you’re thinking of getting some I would say go ahead because they actually work very well.

If you’d like to know more please keep checking this blog often to read about more updates on how the Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine with Solomon Talisman Seals are working for me.

This article was posted on June 17, 2014.