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Tips for Successful Manifestation

In this article I will talk about what is needed to use the Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine successfully, which are great tips for any manifestation work you may already be doing such as meditation. These points are very important to understand and when you have a full understanding of what causes unsuccessful manifestations you will be more able to manifest the things you want. We will talk about what causes setbacks in manifestation and how to possibly overcome them for more success in the future.

I also include a little information about business and relationships that you may find interesting and helpful.

Causes of Unsuccessful Manifestation
1. Negative Mind Set
Are you using your manifestation machine with a negative mind set. Negative thoughts and doubts will cause your manifestation to fail.

Any negative mindset towards the manifestation of your goal or towards the issue you are trying to overcome or move towards can cause anything you do to fail.

2. You are not doing enough to help create your success
What I mean by this is that, in certain areas, especially in business and relationships, there are things you need to do to help yourself succeed and if you are not doing enough then you should not blame it on your radionics machine. No matter what you use to help manifest your intentions, including electronic or paper radionics machines or meditation, there are extra steps that you will need to take for you to have successful manifestations.

These extra steps can mean the difference between success and failure.

If it is money that you want, for example, what is standing in your way or what aren’t you doing which will help you to bring in more money? It may be procrastination, limiting beliefs, or just simply not knowing what steps you need to take next.

In business you need to make sure you do everything you can to make your business a success; you can’t just run the codes for business and sit around waiting for money to drop into your lap. You need to proactively advertise. Maybe change the wording of your advertisements to entice more customers. You can use the creativity and brainstorming codes to help you think up something that may help. Give away something like discounts or something free, have a contest, etc. Also, you need to follow through with what you’ve started. If you never finish anything you will not accomplish much.

3. Reasonability
What you want to manifest must be reasonable. You cannot expect money to come from thin air, you cannot expect to win a large lottery where you must pick exactly 6 numbers, the probability of winning is so great that it would be hard for this to manifest. That is not to say that it can’t happen but the odds are extremely high.

In relationships, you need to know that you cannot force someone to do something that is against their morals, beliefs or religion. I will talk about love in a different article.

4. Knowing Your Limitations
Your limitations are those things that you may not be so good at that you may need to work on first. For example, you may want to find a girlfriend or boyfriend but you have trouble talking to people. In this case you will need to work on your confidence, conversation skills, etc., because without knowing how to talk to others you will have much more trouble attracting a mate.

5. Limiting Subconscious Beliefs
Your beliefs can cause blocks as well. You can’t discount your beliefs.

Negative or limiting subconscious beliefs that you do not deserve something can cause you to not manifest it.

You may have beliefs that say this stuff, manifestation or radionics, doesn’t really work and your subconscious mind will make sure to prove it to you by blocking your results.

Tips for Successful Manifestations
It is very important to fix any issues that are going on… that’s not to say that you won’t have success with most of the codes. You may but if you’re not having success after following my instructions then the reason is, most likely, that you have some subconscious or energetic blocks and/or you are not doing what needs to be done to help with your success (such as with money and business) and/or you have some negativity that is interfering.

So, first thing you should do is to work on any negativity you may have. If you have negativity and doubt, you need to make sure to clear it before you begin. You can use the codes for clearing out negative emotions (there is a code called Remove Negativity that may help), then run Success and Optimism with your other codes.

If you need extra help you can get my Automatic Mental-Emotional Sessions which will help to clear out negativity. These sessions are much stronger if the Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine codes are not strong enough.

So clear out negativity by running the codes or by using the Automatic Mental-Emotional Sessions first and then run your codes. You can run the Remove Negativity code (check the manifestation machine page for this new code) first, daily, before you run your other codes as this may be all that is needed.

To sum things up, first you have to figure out what it is that you are trying to do. Think of what you want and what is standing in your way. You also want to fix anything that is blocking you. You want to find the cause of your problem and solve that before trying to manifest whatever it is you want.

Know your limitations and be sure to follow through by doing whatever is necessary so that you can get the results you want (such as in business, which I touched on a bit earlier in this post). You need to have a positive mindset, it has to be possible and reasonable, etc.

Most people have success with my manifestation machine but very few don’t. The most likely cause of failure is mental or energetic blockages. An interesting thing about this is that this happens whether you use a fancy electronic radionics machine or my paper machine. Sometimes people don’t have success with their electronic machine but they do have success with my paper machines. And sometimes people don’t have success with either. So try the machine for a few months to see if it will work for you. That is the only way to find out if it works.