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Chakra Reiki Manifestation Sessions

Strengthen your energy body / energetic system yourself with these new automatic sessions. These reiki energy healing sessions are for strengthening your energy body and aura, balancing your chakras, opening and clearing blockages of your chakras and other energy pathways, which can result in the restoration of physical health and resolving of physical issues as well as mental, emotional and spiritual healing and improvement of many life circumstances like money, relationships, communication, self-empowerment, balance and much more.

What are automatic sessions? These are sessions that you will do yourself. It is not a service I do for you. Learn more about how it works.

These sessions can also be used to help you with your chakra meditation and manifestation exercises like color therapy, affirmations, and more. Read this article, Chakra Reiki Meditations, for tips on how you can use these sessions to help you with your manifestation goals.

Also, if you are doing your own exercises with your chakras where you need help in spinning up your chakras, so that your chakras are spinning strongly, these sessions can do that for you.

If you have life issues or trouble with manifestation in general, for example if you are having trouble in your life and you can’t seem to get ahead no matter what you do or something like this, you definitely need to clear your chakras because they are blocked and you will continue to have issues. You can also use these sessions with the Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine if you are not seeing results with it and if you have mental and/or emotional issues use the Automatic Mental-Emotional Energy Healing Sessions which will also clear blockages in your energy system and help you to manifest easier as well.

The Chakra Reiki Manifestation Sessions were created using thought-forms embedded with Reiki energy healing techniques and Reiki symbols as well as special healing intentions programmed into the thought-form… so you will receive Reiki healing when you use them.

Read about what I’ve used these sessions on and some results I’ve had.

What are chakras?

There are 7 major chakras in the human energy body and they are an essential part of our body’s energy system. They are spinning vortexes in our energy body that sucks in energy and distributes it throughout our bodies. Each chakra is intimately connected with specific parts of the body and to systems within the body and has a major influence on the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health of your body.

Chakra Locations on the Human Body
Location of The 7 Major Chakras

Your chakras are an integral part of you and the health of your chakras are more important than you may know. Just like any other part of your body you should be regularly working on keeping them healthy, balanced and clear of energy blockages and negative energies.

More Information About Chakras

What are Chakras, Location of Chakras, Info on Clogged Chakras, The Benefits of Clean Chakras

Warning Signs your Chakras are out of Balance

Usually we don’t even think about our chakras because they work without us giving them any thought. And if our mental, emotional and physical bodies are healthy and we are happy we don’t really need to worry about them too much.

But when a chakra becomes unbalanced or blocked it can cause issues with the organs, systems, glands and nerves in the area of that chakra. An issue with a chakra can cause mental, emotional and psychological issues, and I have Automatic Mental-Emotional Energy Healing Sessions that can help with those. As well, areas of your life can suffer when a chakra is out of balance. For example, you can experience issues with money if you have an imbalance in your root chakra… or issues with intimacy if you have an imbalance in your sacral chakra.

How to Figure Out If You Have a Chakra Imbalance

See the chart below to figure out what chakra imbalance you might have. To do this, view the chart and read through the list under “Associated Life Aspects”below and if you have an issue with any of the terms listed then you probably have an imbalance in that chakra and you can use the session available to help to fix that chakra and resolve the issue.

You can restore healthy functioning of your chakras if issues are caught and brought back into balance early, before too much damage has been done. If a chakra has been blocked or unbalanced for a long time it can cause physical dis-ease to occur in the area of that chakra and when you do begin bringing them back into balance it can take some time before results will be seen in the physical body.

For life issues, when you bring the chakra back into balance those issues begin to clear up as well.

What is Reiki and Reiki Energy Healing?

Reiki Energy Healing is a type of energy healing modality that Reiki Practitioners use to send energy healing to their clients.

Reiki (itself) is life force energy that flows through our bodies, keeps us alive and can be used to give us more energy, better health and wellbeing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When you have a Reiki energy healing session the Reiki goes into your body to clear blockages and restore a strong flow of life force energy throughout your energy system.

Reiki Energy Healing relaxes the mind and the body and creates a harmonizing effect of all the systems of your body.

More Information About Reiki

Reiki 101, Everything Basic That You Need To Know About Reiki

The Chakra Reiki Manifestation Sessions described in this article are designed to work with the chakras of the body.

Reiki is best absorbed and distributed throughout the body when it is directed at the chakras. And this is what these sessions do.

Some Facts about Reiki:
Reiki never causes harm.
It only heals.
When does Reiki not work? It is said that some people will not accept Reiki on any level if it is their Karma not to or when a person on some level, possibly subconsciously, does not want to heal.

This article does not go into depth about what Reiki is so if you need to know more you can do an internet search to find out more.

Uses for Reiki and The Chakra Reiki Manifestation Sessions:

Physical Issues Energy Healing. These sessions can ultimately result in clearing up of physical issues / physical healing.
Opening Chakras / Clearing Blockages in the Chakras and Energy System / Restoring a strong flow of energy through the energy system
Immune System Support. The immune system needs this extra energy to keep the balance of bacteria and viruses in check.
Stress Support. These sessions help tremendously with moving stuck energy caused by stress and negative emotions. These days we all have some level of stress and we could all do with more of this energy to help our bodies and minds to deal with every day stressors. The Automatic Mental-Emotional Sessions are even better for stress.
Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Healing. These sessions can be used during meditation with your own intentions for mental, emotional and spiritual healing.
Healing of Life Circumstances and Issues. Issues with money, relationships, communication, self-empowerment, balance and much more can be improved by working to balance the chakras.

Visit this article, Charka Reiki Meditations, for more meditations and exercises you can use with these sessions.

When Reiki comes into the body it will automatically go where it is needed and no matter what session you choose you will receive extra energy to all areas of your body. However, receiving energy directly to a chakra works better to heal that chakra and it has more of a direct effect on the organs in that area of the body. For example, if you are having issues with your liver you will want to use the session that works directly with the Solar Plexus Chakra. When you use the Solar Plexus Session you will directly target the energy to the liver and the other organs in the area. To figure out which chakra to use see the chart and images below.

Reiki / life force energy needs to flow unimpeded and (preferably) strongly through the body for good health and when it doesn’t, when it is blocked, slow, depleted or when energy pathways are weakened for whatever reason it will cause areas of the physical body to experience pain, dis-ease and other physical ailments.

If you keep up with these sessions blocked areas will become unblocked and Reiki will begin to flow strongly and smoothly throughout all of your energetic pathways (Chakras, Meridians and Nadis). 

When Reiki runs smoothly throughout your body good physical health can be obtained and maintained.

If you have dis-ease or illness in your body you will need to use these sessions over and over again. I don’t know for how long but you can continue using these sessions for improved health and wellness over time. If your issue requires medical intervention or surgery you should see a medical health professional for help but you can still use these sessions before and after so your body can heal itself faster.

Your body, no matter what physical state you are in currently, will benefit from extra life force energy healing. It will make you feel better more often.


Here are some results I’ve noticed so far.

I’ve asked my mom to test the sessions and here is what she worked on… She had some tingling and weird uncomfortable sensations in her legs while sitting up in a chair for a long time. I asked her to try the sessions. She ran the Root Chakra Session for 2 minutes while thinking of her legs and specifically that she wanted the sensation to be healed. I asked her about 8-12 minutes later what she felt. She said the sensation was gone and her legs felt totally better. They were no longer bothering her.

I had a sore throat so I decided to try the Throat Chakra Session. I ran the session for about 2 minutes while thinking of my throat and my throat being healed. After 20 minutes or so my throat felt totally fine.

I have indigestion every once in a while depending on certain food I eat that I used to take Tums for so I decided to try the Heart Chakra Session on it. I ran the session for about 2 minutes and the indigestion was gone after a short while. I tested this again… I ate a Snickers bar with peanuts, which is one of the foods that I sometimes have trouble with. I did the same session again and it worked almost instantly and I didn’t have any issues for the rest of the night or next day.

How These Chakra Reiki Manifestation Sessions Work

These sessions work directly on the chakras of your body to aid in clearing energy blockages in the chakras and the energy system, opening chakras, restoring a strong flow of energy throughout your energy system and aura in basically the same way as my one-on-one emotional healing sessions but with one exception — I have an energetic thought-form do the work for me. If you would like to learn more about how I use thought-forms in my work read this article titled, What are Thought-forms, Energy Balls, Psionic Energy…? I use similar types of thought-forms with a few of my other projects such as my Paper Radionics Machines and my Automatic Vision Improvement Sessions with great results.

The thought-forms I use for these Chakra Reiki Manifestation Sessions work more like my Automatic Mental-Emotional Energy Healing Sessions in that they use Reiki energy and they work directly with certain chakras and specific healing intentions that are programmed into the thought-forms. They are set up so that you can start the session of your choice by pressing a “Start” button. You can run these sessions for several minutes at a time to open your chakras, clear blockages in your chakras and energy system and restore a strong flow of energy throughout your energy system which can ultimately result in physical healing as well as mental, emotional and spiritual healing. These sessions can also help to improve many life circumstances like money, relationships, communication, self-empowerment, balance and much more. You then stop the session when you are finished by pressing the “Stop” button.

You can use the sessions as much as you want throughout the duration of your subscription. So whenever you feel you need to or want to do a session you can.

The sessions are simple and easy to use. No traditional meditation is required. All you will need to do is gently (not intensely) think of the area of the body you want to effect and the issue you would like resolved for physical issues or for life issues like money you will, for example, think of the color red with the intention that you already have money or that you are attracting money and then run the session.

More detailed instructions can be found here.

And visit this page for more meditations and exercises you can use with these sessions.

How Long to Run the Sessions

These sessions work just like any usual Reiki session except they can actually be much stronger so you may want to do 1 minute sessions to start and see how that makes you feel. If you’re feeling okay with these short sessions you can try to lengthen the amount of time slowly. 

Like I said, the sessions can be very strong and if you run them too long it can make you feel strange with lots of energy movement throughout your body and feeling mentally spaced-out so please be careful. If you’ve never had a Reiki session or any strong energy healing sessions you must be especially careful and you may want to try less than 1 minute sessions to start.

I have found that after using the sessions everyday for a week or two the Reiki flow through the body is strong and quick and I only need to run any of the sessions for about 2- 3 minutes at a time. (When I first started testing the sessions I had to run them for about 9 minutes but that became way too much and I had to cut back on time significantly.) Anymore than that it starts to feel uncomfortable. So please take into account that once your energy begins moving through your body more easily, after regularly using the sessions, you may need to cut back the amount of time you run the sessions. And each time may be different.

What You Will Feel

You may feel the usual Reiki sensations like a tingling or prickly feeling, heat or cold, etc. Plus you may feel rushes of energy, energy movement or pressure throughout the body and localized at the specific chakra you are working on. It may not feel like a traditional hands on Reiki session however.

Sometimes you may feel more sensation at a different chakra than the one you were working on. For example, you may have been working on your root chakra but you feel more energy movement at your solar plexus chakra.

You may find that a specific session feels better than others. For example, for me I enjoy working with the Throat Chakra the most. It seems to create the best feeling in my body.

Something I’ve noticed is that when I run the session too long I feel a bit spaced-out but after a while this feeling goes away and a lot of times a good feeling washes over me. When I get this good feeling my cells feel more alive, a rush of energy goes up my spine and I feel good mentally and emotionally. It is a feeling I would love to feel all the time. This also happens if I don’t use the session too long but just long enough.

Right now I’m trying to figure out for myself how long is the perfect amount of time to use the sessions so that I can feel this feeling more often. If you can figure out yourself exactly how long to use the sessions and which session works best for you you will also find that you will be able to create this feeling whenever you want.

Just as a note, sometimes you may feel little to nothing but Reiki is still having an effect on your energy body.

How to Choose Which Session to Use

Use the chart (first) and images below to locate the area of the body you would like affected by Reiki energy healing.

For example, if the issue has to do with your shoulders you will use the Heart Chakra sessions. Consult the chart first because the hands, in the images, seem to be in the Root Chakra’s area of influence but looking at the chart you will see the hands are actually influenced by the Heart Chakra.  If you would like healing to your whole Central Nervous System use the Root Chakra sessions.

Consult the chart and images below. Find the system, organ or area of the body or Life Aspect you would like to work on and use the session that is related to it.

Other Tips: A quick way of figuring out which chakra to use is to choose the one that is located where the issue is. For example, if you have a sore throat then choose the Throat Chakra Sessions. If you have lung issues choose the Heart Chakra Sessions. If you have menstrual cramps choose the Sacral Chakra Sessions.

Note: This chart is a little different than those of other Reiki Practitioners or texts about chakras and it may seem to conflict with other charts. Choose a session based on this chart as it will work just as well.

Chakra / Location / ColorBody
Parts & Systems
Associated Life Aspects
Crown / Top
of Head / Violet,
Purple or White
Pineal, Central
Nervous System,
Skeletal System,
Muscular System,
Mind and Whole
Unity, Connection,
Fulfilment, Completion, Mysticism,
Universal Consciousness, I Know
Brow /
Center of
Forehead / Indigo
Nervous System,
Pituitary, Brain,
Eyes, Nose
Intuition, Insight,
Imagination, Spiritual Awareness,
Vision, Individual
I See
Throat /
Throat /
Thyroid, Para
-thyroid, Mouth,
Teeth, Neck,
Ears, Throat
Creativity, Self-Expression,
Abundance, Sound,
Receiving, I Speak
Heart /
Center of
Chest /
or Pink
Shoulders, Arms,
Cold, flus, viruses
Lymphatic /
Immune System,
System, Thymus,
Circulation, Heart,
Lungs, Upper
Unconditional Love,
Balance, Unity,
Kindness, Affinity,
Giving, Limitless,
Infinite, I Love
Plexus /
Plexus /
Blood, Pancreas,
Muscles, Digestive
System, Liver, Spleen, Gallbladder, Kidneys,
Adrenals, Pancreas,
Middle Back
Personal Power,
Autonomy, Will,
Purpose, Control,
Energy, Self-Esteem,
Intellect, Destiny,
I Can
Sacral / Abdomen
/ Navel /
Ovaries, Uterus,
Small Intestine
Sexuality, Food
Emotions, Intimacy,
Sharing, Sensations,
Appetite, Pleasure,
Imagination, The
I Feel
Root /
Base of
Spine / Red
Lower Body – legs,
feet, etc.,
Testes, Appendix
Survival, Security,
Trust, Grounding,
Physical Body,
Money, Home,
Job, Sense of
Belonging, Nature, Biology,
Earth, I Have

How to Use the Sessions

For Physical Issues:

After you have chosen a session to use, and after you have purchased and received access to the session, all you need to do is press the Start button and lightly and gently (not too intensely) think about the area of the body and the issue.

For example, if you have a sore throat you will purchase the Throat Chakra Healing Session, press the Start button on that page and think about your throat and healing your sore throat. Don’t think too intensely. Keep your thoughts light and remain relaxed. Allow something to happen. Wait for 1-2 minutes or so then press the Stop button. Wait again for several minutes to see how you feel. If you feel okay you can run the session again right away if you like or you can space out your sessions 3 or 4 times or more per day.

For Manifestation and Other Issues:

Visit this article about Chakra Reiki Meditations for more exercises you can do with these sessions.

More instructions are provided with each session.

Purchase Today

When you purchase you will receive instant access to the session.

Payment Types Accepted: PayPal, Stripe, Credit Card, Venmo, Google Pay, Apple Pay


I cannot guarantee that these sessions will totally resolve physical issues or that your results will be the same as other users. Because everyone lives such different lives, either by choice or by circumstance, you may require more work and effort to resolve your issues.

If your issue is caused by a hormonal imbalance, a medical issue or because of drugs you are currently taking or have taken then this session may not help. You can still try it though to see if it helps you.

Extra sessions may be needed for physical issues and all other issues which you may be trying to resolve.

Please seek the help of a medical health professional if you have an emergency, broken bones or other health complications. You can use these sessions along with any medical treatment to aid and speed the healing process.

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