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The Paper Radionics Machine

This is a real working paper radionics machine that actually works.

Other paper radionics machines have been created before but none as simple as I am about to show you here. It may seem unlikely that this is even possible but if you want to give it a try I’m sure you’ll amaze yourself as well as anyone else you decide to experiment on.

This radionics machine was created mainly for healing. Please see my Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine that will help you manifest almost anything else you want.

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Update: Learn how you can heal your own pain and other issues. With this new method, The ‘Heal Yourself’ Pain Relief Method, you will be able to do energy healing on yourself for any physical bodily issue you are currently having. It’s not just for pain and it actually works better than The Paper Radionics Machine. August 28, 2014

How to Use the
Paper Radionics Machine for Healing

What is a radionics machine?
The original radionics machine was invented by Thomas Galen Hieronymus in 1949. It was an electrical device that would measure, transmit or dispel “eloptic energy,” a type of radiation that he felt had healing powers.

When he connected this device to his patient he had to turn a series of knobs in order to get a “rate” which turned out to be a psychic connection to the target. He used this device successfully on many patients to help heal them of their illnesses.

In 1956, a man named John W. Campbell began to experiment with his own radionics machine and found that it worked even when it was broken or mistakenly unplugged leading to the belief that it was not necessarily the machine that had much of an effect but instead it was the psychic connection to the patient as well as focused intent that lead to the machine’s positive results.

In the course of Campbell’s investigation he found that even just using a schematic of a radionics machine worked just as well as the actual physical radionics box.

For more information about radionics machines please refer to these pages: John W. Campbell and Symbolic Hieronymous Machines and the Wiki article on Radionics.

How to Use The Paper Radionics Machine?
This is a real working radionics machine that can energy heal your pains and other conditions such as colds, flu, and mostly any other ailment you try it out on.

Print out the image above and set it up somewhere in your home where it won’t be disturbed.
Shortly after your purchase you will find that when you place your hand over the spiral in the center of the page there is an energy present. Take your hand and place it over or on top of the spiral and you will feel some kind of sensation on your hand. You can also try your wrist as it is a very sensitive area as well. It may feel like a breeze or most likely a warmth and possibly a tingling sensation.

This is the life force energy that does the healing work for you. It is quite a strong energy so anyone who places their hand over it should feel it very quickly.

Then put your name or a friend or pet’s name on the left and what you want to heal on the right (this is your intention; the parts of the body you intend to heal) in the areas provided and you will notice most pains go away instantly and other pains go away very quickly. That’s all!

You know what part of your body hurts and usually the reason why it hurts, although you don’t need to know why, so all you need to do is write down the area that you want to send healing energies to.

If you have the machine working on a specific part of your body and you begin to have issues with that part just let it continue running and you should have relief soon.

For example, sometimes something may cause your problem to flare up such as an allergic reaction or you twisted your knee, or you sat in the wrong position too long, or you did too much and strained the area but if you wait a while it should settle down again.

You can add as many parts of the body (in the spot marked 2. on the paper machine) you want and it will work on all of them. It will work on any bodily issues by sending healing energies to the areas you choose, but it will also work on other areas that cause the pain even if you are not sure where those areas are.

It’s much simpler than other radionics machines in that there is absolutely no skill needed.

Using a paper radionics machine you can energy heal yourself and your loved ones whenever you want and you don’t have to wait for a session with me or anyone else. In a way you become your own healer.

Not Currently Available for New Subscriptions

Create your own experiments and see what type of results you get. If you have any suggestions on making my paper radionics machine better I would love to hear them.

How my radionics machine works?
My machine is much different than other machines in that you do not need any previous experience to use it. Other machines have a learning curve with dials and something called the stick pad that I won’t explain here. All you have to do with my radionics machine is set it up as explained above, with a person’s name and the area to be healed and then you just leave it running on the table. It is as simple as that.

The machine was created in a way that you don’t have to understand how it works or even believe in it … but it will still work.

I have created it with an intelligent energy that knows what to do. It is basically a thought-form made of life force energy also known as Qi (pronounced chee) that performs its predetermined (by me) tasks in an intelligent manner… you just need to intend to help someone and follow the steps above and it will do what you want it to do.

This type of energy is also known as psionic energy as well as a psiball or chi ball and like I said, all it is is a thought form created by my thoughts with loving Qi energy. In essence, it is my thoughts programmed just like a computer program to do a large number of specified tasks.

When you use my radionics machine you will find that many pains go away fairly instantly. Others go away in 10 minutes or less while others can take an hour to a few days or more depending on the severity of the condition.

If you are trying to affect a healing of a preexisting condition you should not remove that person’s name from the board. If you do it will lengthen the time for that person’s symptoms to lessen and the condition to heal.

It is good to use even if you have no pains. Your intention can be to keep your body healthy. In this case, you can write on a piece of paper “my whole body” and place it on the right (area 2).

You may have issues that you don’t even know you have and this helps unknown conditions and ensures your body stays in good condition. If something does happen that you need to heal you can add more intentions on the same sheet of paper.

It is important to understand that the paper radionics machine works purely on intention. When you think of a person you want to heal while you write their name and place that piece of paper in the box on the left the intelligent energy understands exactly who you want to send healing energies to. And while you’re thinking of that person while you write out the parts of them that you want to heal again the intelligent energies know exactly who to send energy to as well as what part of them to heal.

Create your own experiments by asking someone if they have any pains. Have them note where on their body the pain is and have them rate how bad the pain is. Ask them “how bad is your pain on a scale from 0 to 10, 0 meaning you don’t feel any pain at all and 10 meaning the pain is unbearable.” Remember this number so that you can compare it again after you use the paper radionics machine on them. Setup the paper machine with their name on the left and the place where you are sending the energy to on the right. Give it a minute or so to work (sometimes I ask the person right away). Then ask them to rate their pain again and see if their rating has gone down. If so, then you know it is working.

Remember, some pains will take a while longer so if it isn’t healed right away then just go on to other things and check again later.

If You Need Help
If you aren’t getting good results please let me know… maybe I can tweak the machine or customize something specifically for you.

A Note On Pain:
For minor to major pains it works great and usually those go away quickly. For very severe pain it can ease pains but since severe pains are so strong the machine does not seem to totally get rid of it. It seems to make severe pains more manageable though.

If you are having pain and you have had energy healing done before with no relief consider that your pains may be caused by your emotions. Metaphysical healers often find that their clients’ physical pains are a result of trapped emotions from painful memories. When the healer heals the underlying emotions their pains lessen considerably and even disappear in most cases.

If you believe your pains could be caused by emotional pain you can try my other services for healing emotional pains.

Other Issues:
If you have sinus congestion or any allergy related problems consider that it could be caused by toxins in your environment. If you are congested in one part of your house but when you go to a different area you find that you are not as congested or the congestion has cleared out then toxins, from aerosols and other household chemicals could be the cause.

If you don’t use toxins in the area then it may be an allergic reaction to mold or bacteria. In either case, try cleaning the area thoroughly from top to bottom. Dust, vacuum, wash everything in sight but try to use cleansers that are non-toxic and it should help tremendously.

Other Information:
Remember, you can only use it on the set amount of people you payed for at a time. For example, if you payed for the ability to work on 3 people for $5 you cannot use it on any more than 3 people. If you try to use it on any more than 3 people at once it will not work on the fourth or any subsequent people.

It is an intelligent energy that has been designed this way on purpose.

You will receive any updates I make to the paper radionics machine as long as you remain a customer with me. So if I were to create a new layout of the paper machine or add some new programming to it you will receive it shortly after.

Share your stories
I would love to hear your stories on how the radionics machine worked for you. Post them below in the comments section or you can use the contact form or the forum.

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I am grateful you were given this knowledge and more glad that I found it 😉 I have been going out of my wits trying to build my own machine with electronics and felt there was something holding me back. Now I know it was because I had tried a method that I KNEW from years of creating sigils that the answer was right in front of me. I will try this as soon as I can clear some energies and set a baseline to start from. Thank again and I will keep you updated. Curtis

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