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Get Over An Ex

Update: Please read the updated article here which includes my new book entitled, How to Heal a Broken Heart in 15 Minutes: The Fastest Way to Moving On After a Breakup.

Past relationships can leave a lasting pain in our hearts for many, many years after a breakup. This pain can linger and cause us to become secluded and not want to date again for a long period of time. It also causes physical pains in the stomach and chest. It’s kind of like having a stroke and neither a doctor nor medication, drugs or alcohol can fix it.

Usually things get better with time but we are fated to live with this horrible pain until it has run its course and we finally get over this lost love and move on.

Some people suffer much longer than needed because it hurts them to the core. Personally, I can’t imagine being in love with someone who breaks my heart and having to live with the pain for several months or more but some people do.

You Can Get Over Him or Her!
And it is Simple, Fast and Extremely Effective!

Whether you just broke up yesterday or you have been broken up for months or even years the results are the same.

Who says we have to suffer from the emotional pains of the past for the rest of our lives? Easily get over that guy or girl and go on with your life.

Get Over an Ex

Don’t let past relationships ruin the best that you have to offer someone who will love you and appreciate you the way you deserve.

Not only does this technique help to relieve negative emotions but it also helps to regain your confidence in yourself. You can know that you deserve better, you deserve more.

Past relationships gone bad can often leave us vulnerable and if we do not remedy the upset, the fear, the feelings of unworthiness, the lack of confidence in ourselves, distrust in others and all the other emotions that can be caused by a jilted romance we bring those emotions and feelings with us into our next relationships causing lots of problems and drama. This only makes our next relationships worse and worse each time.

It’s Just Like Starting Over
Just think if you and your new partner both had a session with me to get over your exes…

When you release these emotions it is as if you are beginning anew. A fresh start in a new relationship can cause you and your partner to both be really happy, much happier than you may have ever been before.

The Technique
If you want to get over an ex it is simpler than you can even imagine. I have an amazing technique, if I do say so myself, that heals past emotional traumas almost instantly. I even amaze myself by the amount of relief that my clients enjoy in such an incredibly short amount of time.

You can have a session with me today and feel amazingly better within, literally, 15 minutes or less. And you will be ready to start dating again in no time.

After your purchase we will schedule a time and date to work on this. Most times we can do it the same day.

If you need this service again because another relationship went bad (but hopefully you won’t), you can come back at any time and do it again. (Unfortunately, sometimes we choose a person that we know is bad for us. It happens. And it’s okay.)

Basically, what I’m offering gives you the reassurance that you can take a chance on someone and if you do get hurt you can heal those hurt feelings the same day (unless I get too busy).

It’s kind of like insurance for your heart and for your emotional well-being. Car insurance is for when your car breaks and this service is for when your heart breaks except you don’t pay monthly for it like most insurance.. you just pay whenever you need it.

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