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Low Price on All Automatic Sessions

Hello Everyone. I’m thinking of offering all of my automatic sessions and projects for a low monthly fee, maybe $75, if I can get enough people to sign up. That includes the following: The Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine (with and without Talisman Seals) The Paper Radioncs Machine for Healing Infusion 4.0 Cards Vision Improvement Sessions […]

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Financial Abundance Energy Healing Sessions

Energy healing can often help tremendously in turning financial problems around or if there are no problems then it helps you to have even more financial abundance in your life. With my financial abundance energy healing sessions you can see results within days or weeks after starting. You may find opportunities present themselves such as […]

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The ‘Heal Yourself’ Pain Relief Method

I have created a new amazing energy healing method for natural healing, I call The ‘Heal Yourself’ Pain Relief Method, that you can use yourself on your own pains for natural pain relief and on a wide variety of other conditions just by simply pointing to the problem area. I created it first and foremost […]

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Improve Your Eyesight The Automatic Way with Vision Improvement Sessions

Have you ever tried to improve your eyesight naturally with energy healing? In this post I will explain to you how it works and how you can use it yourself to improve your own vision quickly and easily without having to use pinhole eyeglasses and without having to do eye exercises that you usually forget […]

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Beat Depression with Qi Energy

Have depressing thoughts that you can’t get rid of? Purchase today and I will help you to beat your depression using Qi (chi) energy healing. The energy healing you will receive will totally change how you feel in a short amount of time. This service works great for people who have depression causing thoughts. Comments […]

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Bacteria, Virus, and Fungal Infection Energy Healing Service

Do you have any type of infection resulting from bacteria, virus, or fungus? This energy healing service helps to clear up symptoms of any infection such as the flu, colds, and any illness that is caused by virus, bacteria, and fungi – any blood-borne pathogens. Significant results can be had within a couple of hours. […]

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Coming Soon: Changing Limiting Beliefs Method

Do you believe that there is a limiting belief that is holding you back from doing something great? Or maybe it isn’t “great” but it is something that you really want. Maybe it’s more money. Maybe it’s a higher self-esteem and a better self image you would like. Whatever it is that you want but […]

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Emotional Freedom: Transforming Emotional Pain in 15 Minutes

What is the Emotional Freedom method and how can it help you?The Emotional Freedom method (not EFT) is a service I’ve created that will help you to get rid of any painful emotions you are currently experiencing as well as any painful emotions from past memories that make you feel bad whenever you think of […]

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How to Heal a Broken Heart in 15 Minutes – The Fastest Way to Moving On After a Breakup

What is the Heal a Broken Heart method and how can it help you?The Heal a Broken Heart method is a service I’ve created that will help you to get rid of any painful emotions from current and past relationships that are causing a disruption to your life. The service consists of a quick 15-30 […]

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The Belief Installer: Get Rid of Negative Beliefs, Install Positive Beliefs and Change Your Life

What is The Belief Installer method and how can it help you?The Belief Installer is a service I’ve created that will help you to install just about any belief you can think of. As long as the belief is possible you can most likely have it. The service consists of a quick 30 minute or […]