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Bacteria, Virus, and Fungal Infection Energy Healing Service

Do you have any type of infection resulting from bacteria, virus, or fungus? This energy healing service helps to clear up symptoms of any infection such as the flu, colds, and any illness that is caused by virus, bacteria, and fungi – any blood-borne pathogens. Significant results can be had within a couple of hours. […]

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Healed a Friend and Mother of the Flu and Cold Virus

The same day I healed my tooth pain I was able to help a friend who had the flu. You can read all about how I killed the bacteria that causes toothache from a bad tooth instantly here. This is the same friend who gave me the idea of how to kill off bacteria in […]

Articles Disease Microbes Pain

Stopped Tooth Pain Instantly – Killed Bacteria Instantly

Here are details of a successful experiment I tried on really bad tooth pain. The really amazing part about this experiment is that what seemed to happen was that I was able to kill(?) the bacteria that caused the pain. If this is the case and I did have some kind of an effect on […]