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Healed a Friend and Mother of the Flu and Cold Virus

The same day I healed my tooth pain I was able to help a friend who had the flu.

You can read all about how I killed the bacteria that causes toothache from a bad tooth instantly here.

This is the same friend who gave me the idea of how to kill off bacteria in the previous article. It was the same evening on Thursday, January 9, 2014. I had already tried several different ways to heal my tooth pain and he gave me what I believe to be an amazing idea to try out which worked instantly. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure if it would last but it did and the pain never returned.

After all the pain went away and I felt better I asked him if I could try it out on him. The flu is a virus and we both felt that it was worth it to try and kill the virus in basically the same way. So I did the energy healing technique with, mostly, the same intent for about 5-10 minutes and then again about 2 hours later for another 5 minutes. Then we waited a while to see what would happen.

Shortly after he said he was already feeling better with less pressure in his ears.

The next day he said he felt significantly better and that leftover mucus was still draining out of his system so he had to cough some up from time to time. He also said “but the infection is no longer active.”

January 20, 2014
My mother began feeling sick with a scratchy throat and tiredness.. all the signs that a cold may be coming so I tried the same technique on her and she began feeling better about 10 minutes later. She felt totally better a few hours later.

These experiments make me believe that I can probably help to heal anyone of virus, bacteria, and fungal infections. See my next post, Bacteria, Virus, and Fungal Infection Healing Service for information on the services offered.

Photo Credit: Xavier Donat via Compfight cc