Hi. My name is Melanie and I love working with energy. Life force energy and all the many ways to use it has become my passion. I always like to think that anything is possible and I plan on researching and experimenting with all my many ideas to try to make them even better and more powerful than they already are.

With every experiment I find that my results become even more impressive than the last. And with so many options and directions to go in I’m sure this will be a very exciting, interesting and most definitely rewarding adventure.

Join me for the ride and experiment with me and your life will become even more interesting and rewarding as well.

I have studied over 100 metaphysical healing books and courses for over 10 years to find the easiest way to heal emotional pain and install beneficial beliefs in the shortest amount of time possible. Take a few minutes and read some of my posts and see what I can offer you to change your life for the better.

I am a legitimate energy healer and you can view just some of my many satisfied customer reviews here on Fiverr: http://www.fiverr.com/universalsigns My username is universalsigns. 

I will be honest and state that I do not have any credentials but I do have the information and the ability that a lot of people do not have. I can actually do what I state in my books and on this blog in record time. I do not just write wordy books and blog posts about theory on how this or that works but I actually do what I speak about and I make things happen quickly and effortlessly for my clients.

If you are looking to work with someone but only if they have credentials then you are going to miss out on achieving some really beneficial changes in your life.

Quick note about my two services, Emotional Freedom and The Belief Installer: Using EFT, imagination as found in books and videos such as The Secret, affirmations and all other techniques take so much time and effort that most people just give up and end up in the same place they were in before they started. My methods are so much more advanced, faster and longer lasting than these techniques that the other techniques do not even compare to mine.

– Melanie