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List of All Services and Projects

This page incudes a list of most of the available projects and services on this website. Click any link to continue.

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I will do these sessions for you.

Financial Abundance Energy Healing Sessions

Pain Energy Healing Sessions

Bacteria, Virus, Fungus – Infection Energy Healing Services

Teeth Energy Healing Sessions

Beat Depression Sessions

Melanie’s Miracle Water


These projects and sessions you will use yourself at your own pace.

The Automatic Mental-Emotional Energy Healing Sessions

Chakra Reiki Manifestation Sessions

The Reiki Physical Energy Healing Sessions

Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine

(Energy Healing) Healing Machine

Infusion Cards

The Rapid Psychological Reprogramming Sessions

Vision Improvement Sessions

Projects that are not available anymore

The ‘Heal Yourself’ Pain Relief Method (This project has been replaced by Melanie’s Miracle Water)