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Programmed Water – My Experiments

In this article I will explain how I think programming water works based on my own personal experiments and observations. You will learn about the vibration of water, how beliefs and intentions can be programmed into water and how it has the power to affect the person who ingests it. You will also learn a little about a special water experiment I’ve created that’s having miraculous results. I’ve created programmed water called Melanie’s Miracle Water and you will find out how it is totally removing all sorts of pain and itchiness from the body and is replacing the need, either partially or totally, of pharmaceutical drugs.

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The Vibration of Water and How It Can be Changed

Everything Vibrates
Everything is made of energy and energy vibrates so everything vibrates. Every part of life has a different vibration. Water from different sources has different vibrations and every substance, plant, animal and human has a different vibration. Even every organ in the human body has a different vibration.

People, thoughts and ideas can be said to have a high vibration or a low vibration. For example, love and loving thoughts have a very high vibration and hate and hateful thoughts have a very low vibration. Gratitude and compassion has a high vibration and selfishness has a low vibration. “Energy healing” has a high vibration because it comes from a place of love and compassion. The objective of energy healing is to help others and so it comes from the heart which is another way of saying it comes from a place of love.

The vibration of anything can be changed. For example, when a sound vibrates at the right pitch it can change the vibration of a glass which causes the glass to break.

And here is another interesting video that shows how frequency affects vibrating water. It’s amazing the way the vibration causes the water to form geometric shapes.

An example of water that has been changed in vibration is holy water. Holy Water is used by Catholic Priests during exorcisms. The priest prays over the water giving it a very high vibration that negative entities don’t like. Negative entities enjoy and thrive in low vibration settings so being in a church or being touched by holy water would be painful for them. Nothing has changed about the water except the vibration.


Beliefs Can be Programmed Into Water

The vibration of water can be changed easily, with a thought or an idea written on a piece of paper, with prayer or just by playing music with water sitting near the speakers, as in Dr. Emoto’s experiments, and because of this any belief can be programmed into water and the water will hold the vibration of that belief. If you drink that water the vibration is then transferred to your cells and to your mind.

What affects your body affects your mind because body and mind are intimately linked. The majority of medical doctors, psychiatric professionals and probably most scientists like to treat either the body only or the mind only, neglecting the other aspect of a human being. Because they treat the body and mind separately and not holistically (together as a whole) they have very slow results.

Energy healing by an “energy healer” affects all parts of the person to treat both the body and mind for better results. An energy healer can focus the healing energies directly to a specific area of the body or to the whole of the body and the energy also affects the mind. When I do pain energy healing (or any energy healing) for people it may seem like I’m only working on the body but I am certainly working on both body and mind because to affect one is to affect the other.

The belief and vibration, in the case of Melanie’s Miracle Water, for example, consists of energy healing of pain and infection and it affects both the body and mind. Once the belief is infused into the molecules of the water it acts in basically the same way that energy healing works.

Melanie’s Miracle Water Experiment

Miraculous Results and Why I Think The Water Works So Well

I programmed Melanie’s Miracle Water with the vibration of healing energies. In some cases it seems to affect the body of the user the same or better than when I do distant energy healing. Maybe the healing energies are a bit more concentrated in the water because the water molecules hold onto the belief and vibration much stronger. When the water is rubbed into an area it is absorbed directly by the body’s pores as well as the person’s energy body, transferring the properties – the vibration and belief – directly into the area. It doesn’t seem to affect just the body though. It seems to also affect the mind and these are some reasons why I think it has such miraculous results – by working holistically for the person using it.

I used to program beliefs into water for my customers and after drinking the programmed water for just a few days they found the belief becoming stronger and stronger and more a part of their lives with each subsequent glass and bottle of programmed water. I don’t do it anymore because I’ve created The Rapid Psychological Reprogramming Sessions that helps you to install almost any belief into your body and mind.

I will likely make some other special waters programmed for different purposes in the future so please make sure you check back periodically. You can also sign up to my newsletter to make sure you receive an email with important updates.


How Programmed Water Works

Water programmed with a belief takes in the information and in some way it is able to transfer the belief to the person who drinks it or applies it to their body.

What I believe happens is this… The thought or idea programmed into the water has its own vibration and because of the loving energy healing it is given an even higher vibration. After the programmed water with a higher vibration is ingested, or rubbed on the body in the case of Melanie’s Miracle Water, it has a stronger affect on the water, molecules, cells, tissues, etc. of the body (and energy body) and has the result of raising the vibration of the water, molecules, cells, tissues, etc. of the body (and energy body) to match very closely the vibration of the energized/programmed water.

In the case of programmed water that has been ingested, this is how the belief becomes a part of you. Your physical, emotional, mental and energy body is now changed to match the vibration of the belief programmed into the water.

In this way using water is a great way to change your beliefs among other uses such as for reduction of pain and other symptoms which is what Melanie’s Miracle Water is specifically created for.

(Honestly, at this point I don’t totally understand how it works. These are just my opinions and observations.)

Programmed Water Bypasses the Conscious Mind for Instant Results

The amazing part about programmed water is that it is able to help you make changes by bypassing the conscious mind directly, just like The Rapid Psychological Reprogramming Sessions I created.

The fastest ways to make subconscious changes are by using methods that bypass the conscious mind with the least amount of resistance. You want to impress your subconscious mind with an intention but in the normal waking state the conscious mind can block any intention from making it through like a brick wall. That is why methods like meditation are recommended. If you are able to reach the proper level of meditation where you get to the point where the conscious, thinking mind slows and quiets down enough you can send your intention directly to your subconscious mind so it can make those changes. Getting your intentions to your subconscious mind is the key to making lasting personal mental (and subsequently physical) changes.

An intention placed in water, or with a powerful method like The Rapid Psychological Reprogramming Sessions, bypasses your conscious mind’s brick wall and sends the intention straight to your subconscious mind. This is why it works so well. It basically takes the conscious mind out of the equation.

The most common methods used to change subconscious beliefs are visualization with meditation but I think most people have trouble with it. For most people it takes many months to learn to quiet the mind long enough to meditate and then to correctly visualize the scenes needed to create changes. Some people can’t sit still long enough to follow through with the process of meditation to completion. Others may quit too soon because they may believe it’s not working, they feel like it’s too slow, it’s boring or they don’t have time because of a busy schedule. If you want fast results with not a lot of work then programmed water or The Rapid Psychological Reprogramming Sessions are the way to go.

Drinking programmed water to bypass the conscious mind and directly make changes to the subconscious mind is one of the easiest ways to create changes for anyone who is willing to give it a try. The only trouble is that it’s not that easy to get your hands on programmed water.

The Rapid Psychological Reprogramming Sessions is another one of the best, easiest, and fastest ways to make changes – change beliefs, change your personality, and more – and it’s much more readily available so I would say that makes it the first best way.