Here are just some of the testimonials I’ve received from users of my services. I will continue updating this page with more as I receive them. I have a bunch that I haven’t posted yet and I hope to get to it soon. You can also find more testimonials in each service’s post.

The Rapid Psychological Reprogramming Sessions

“Always amazing experience and energy from this system are outstanding!!”
~ gavina101 on Fiverr (April 29, 2017)

Paper Radionics Machine for Healing

“The healing machine worked so well that I have subscribed to the manifestation machine.”
~ Debra R.

Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine Testimonials

“(very interestingly) I’ve been trying to help some … friends with the radionics and one of them that chose ‘remove negativity’ said to continue what I’m doing cos she made lots of money at her business following me setting up the machine for her!!!”
~ John C., UK

“Most of the day I run “Success and Optimism” and “Happiness and Positivity” which set me in a really great mood and make me very motivated and they make me surprisingly successful at everyday tasks.

“When I hit the gym I run “Workout & Exercise”, “Increase Physical Energy” and “Energetic Boost” and it gives me incredible fun in outspending myself and no matter how long or hard I train I always have the feeling there’s “more left in the tank” :D”
~ Fabian P., Germany

Sonia had some hard University courses she was taking exams for. We setup the concentration, learning and studying codes as well as optimism and success for her. She said, “This stuff works! I remembered over 97% of the answers! I just know I did well today. I will let you know my final exam dates way ahead of time so I can get a boost! Wow is all I have to say.”
~ Sonia R.

Sonia had lots of exams to take. “I got a high grade last time and my memory was sharp.”
~ Sonia R.

“Melanie, I sure do see the difference in my test scores when you run the code. I am doing very well.” ~ Sonia R.

Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine with Talisman Seals Testimonials

Date Testimonial Received: April 29, 2017
“I also wanted to share some very interesting unexpected results from using the manifestation machine with the Solomon Seals and other codes.
I was working two machines simultaneously for: 1. love and romance with a particular person and, 2. energy, charisma, success, easing worry for myself, alternating these codes.

Unexpectedly, all within the week of beginning the machines the following things happened:

1. I was walking down the street thinking “wouldn’t it be great if I found some cash on the sidewalk”. Within 20 seconds, I looked down and saw two ten dollar bills that someone had dropped! And I hadn’t even been running any money or prosperity codes!
2. My 15 year old daughter started noticing her sleep was deeper and she no longer needed melatonin to maintain a deep sleep. I was not even working on her, just myself!
3. A fungal issue around my toenails that I was treating with tea tree and other topicals suddenly got dramatically better. I had been “thinking” that I should hire you to do energy work on this issue, but it suddenly almost completely healed on its own.

I was impressed by all of these results. In terms of the love codes, I’ve found the Bring Lovers Closer together is working nicely.”
~ Chris M.

Date Testimonial Received: March 1st, 2016
“Hi dear Melanie,how are you?
well i have great news πŸ˜€
I wrote few weeks ago ”i wish my brother to find and nice apartment near his work for less than 600$ a month ,soon” and it came true and so fast!!! he found one for 500$ and we are all amazed as he tried to find one the last 6 months and he couldn’t find cheaper than 1000 $ !!!!!!! and now only 500$ a month πŸ˜€ the machine and u do miracles!!!! i cant wait to send u my other manifestations!!!!”
~ Haris

Date Testimonial Received: February 17th, 2016
I have seen the following changes:
1. Even though I havent been working out, I have been thinking about it a lot lately LOL! I also changed my eating habits.
2. I feel more determined with my business. I feel more motivation than Ive felt in a while, since my ex broke up.
3. I feel less worries and doubt.
4. I feel more determination in general.
5. I feel a lot of faith now about my ex situation.
6. I also feel like I have a lot of mental energy and more focus.
~ Angela

Date Testimonial Received: February 17th, 2016
“I just wanted to say thank you for creating such an affordable, amazing, effective and easy to use radionic machine. I really appreciate the codes pertaining to physical and spiritual protection. Your radionic machine is indeed special. Thank you.

“I confirmed that your claims are truthful. The Booster Symbol certainly enhances the energy emitted by the Radionics Machine. Also, when I used several codes, the energy vibration was very strong. So there’s my feedback. I know you and your products are legit. I will give you feedback regarding the Energy Update code after I use it a bit.”
~ L. Martin

“The Paper Radionics helped me well I can’t afford to be without it. I used to feel pains all over my body when I awake during the nights. I felt someone was sending me negativity so I used the Energy  codes SOL3 and B055. The first night in using them when I awoke I felt no more pains and from then on I experience no pains when I awake. I am very grateful to you for this.”
~ Lloyd R.

“I Had this plumber who installed a new boiler in my mums house. He screwed stuff up and I called Health & Safety Inspector who checked the work and said it was unsafe. They issued a warning that he should fix it but they could not do anything about it as it was a civil matter and they did not have enforcement powers.

“2 months later thinking what to do as he refused to answer our calls. Tried the paper machine by melanie and was using project emotional strength and security codes. An hour later was thinking about it for a while in the kitchen and I thought that a lot of the work was done by the plumbers assistant who is not a registered plumber. Maybe I should complain about that.

“A few hours later, both the plumber and his assistant knocked on the door. The assistant literally sat on his knees with his hands begging me to forgive him. The Regional manager at Health & Safety had just called them saying that both are being investigated as it is a criminal offence in the UK to do gas work if your not registered. They have now made the repairs!”
~ Aley1983

Walter R. says he got 4 out of 5 hits when using the Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine and zero hits with other manifesting items he owns. He also states that the Paper Radionics Machine is by far the best. This user even got his ex back…

1st Message:
“Let me tell you how The Paper Radionics Machine stands up to other items I’ve tested!
TEST NO# 1: Melanie’s Paper Radionics Machine  VS  J.P. Warrens 9 Dial Radionic Box. The Paper Radionics Machine GOT 4 HIT PROJECTS OUT OF 5!!!  J.P. Warrens 9 Dial Radionic Box, NONE!! NOT ONE HIT!!! MELANIE’S THE CLEAR WINNER With 4 Out 5 HITS!!!
NEXT: Paper Radionics Machine VS Witch Owned Magick Wish Box! Melanie Paper Radionic Machine, 4 Out of 5 HITS! Witch wish box? NOT ONE!!
NEXT: Witch Owned Haunted Wish Bracelet  VS  Paper Radionic Machine! WISH BRACELET, ZERO!! Paper Radionic Machine: 4 Right HITS Out of 5!!!

2nd Message:
“I used both my own wish and the [Solomon] codes of the Planets!
TEST NO# 1: I wanted to hear from my separated wife, who I dearly miss! I wrote: I wish she would call me! I placed this paper device in the cabinet and left it. I Called Her Once! SHE HAS BEEN CALLING AND TALKING TO ME EVER SINCE! THIS TOOK ABOUT 2 WEEKS TIME!
TEST NO# 2: I had high blood pressure -149/90 some what high! I used the Consciousness Project Energy Card with LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE TO NORMAL, along with my name. On my next doctor appointment, my doctor told me my blood pressure 139/78 MUCH BETTER!! Again!, In ABOUT A WEEKS TIME!
TEST NO# 3: Also Had to do With My Wife! THAT ALSO CAME TRUE!

“My test with the J.P. Warren 9 Dial Wooden Radionics Box, was to Attract Money By Placing A Dollar Bill on the copper input plate, and tunning it and placing a picture or name of the person ( ME! ) Then just let it run. Did this for 1 month! NO RESULTS! I TRIED THE SAME EXPERIMENT AGAIN NEXT MONTH! AGAIN! NO RESULT’S!!

“Next, I tried a so called witch owned wish key. I was told to use this key once a month, at 3AM! I asked for a certain amount! NOTHING HAPPENED!! I TRIED THE SAME EXPERIMENT THE FOLLOWING MONTH! NOTHING!! The same went for the so-called WITCH OWNED WISH BOX! Only THE PAPER RADIONICS MACHINE SEEMED TO WORK FROM MY TEST!”

~ Walter Rogers

Infusion Cards Testimonials

“I put one Infusion card under a plant in my room, which was dying and after the first days I already saw the plant growing and getting new leaves! amazing!” ~ Fabian P., Germany

“The pain in my numb left hand finger disappeared the first day I drank infused water.” “I just put my drinking water on it. I`d say I drank it all day. I have since not have a recurrence.” ~ Thomas O.

Beat Depression Testimonials

Date Testimonial Received: March 7th, 2016
Joyfuljune purchased the Beat Depression sessions for her fiance on March 6th, 2016. Less than 24 hours later she sent me the following message:
“Hi ! Yes he seems to be in better spirits now πŸ™‚ its quite amazing..thank you so much.”
~ joyfuljune on Fiverr

“wow I am starting to feel a lot better what are you doing great job keep it up thanks,” and “whatever you’re doing it’s working.” ~ Stephen P.

“The depression sessions have been working really well. I was undergoing some treatment that was making me feel very low and depressed which is why I tried your service. Everybody instantly noticed an improvement in my mood at home. Thank you very much. I have recommended your products to friends and family.” ~ Mohammed, UK

The ‘Heal Yourself’ Pain Relief Method Testimonials

Recently a user used the method on a fever blister (Herpes Virus). The user pointed to the fever blister in its early stages, while it was still very small, for a short while and it stopped growing. The user has never had this happen in all their years. She’s never had a fever blister so small. Usually they grow into large blistery lumps which take between one and two weeks to completely heal. At the most it looked like a small pimple which is easily covered with a spot of makeup unlike usual, unchecked fever blisters.

Date Testimonial Received: February 27th, 2016:
“So far I can feel a little bit  energy as I do the healings.   I was at a store shopping yesterday and I had a sharp pain in my wrist all of a sudden and while in the store pointed at my wrist and ….   I did this about 4 times in a row and did get pain relief, so I think it does work.   I also felt after the 4th healing an overall body energy that sort of woke me up which was unexpected, so that was a good sign things are starting to work.   I’ve also been doing healings on my face but can’t feel much happening as far as healing goes or even see a difference, I’ll keep using it everyday and see how it looks after a few weeks.   Today while still in bed in the morning I decided to go over my whole body and … and pointed my finger all over, then I did my lungs, stomach, brain and other body part’s.   I also worked on my back with the small rash while lying in bed, plus did my face again.   I tried to work on everything I could think of.   At the end of this when I finally got up I could feel a huge energy burst to my whole body and it helped wake me up better.   So small things are happening.”
~ John P.