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Stop Vision Loss & Repair Vision Naturally Infographic

This is the Future of Natural Self Eye Care

Included in this infographic are vision facts, tips on how you can stop your vision from worsening, how to naturally improve your vision quickly and easily today and how to stop getting thicker eyeglasses every year starting right now and for the rest of your life.

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Simple Tips to Stop Vision Loss
1. Look up from print or computer work every 20 minutes.
2. Gaze at objects in the distance for 20 seconds.
3. Look at bright colors, the brighter the better.

This helps tremendously in keeping your vision healthy.

“Nearly 1 out of 4 American children between the ages of 3 – 16 wears eyeglasses.”

Quick Vision Test
1. With your eyeglasses on test the strength of each eye individually.
2. Do you struggle to see road signs clearly?
3. Print a vision chart and post it on a wall. Use measuring tape to stand at a distance according to chart instructions.

1. Look at something across the room with one eye covered then test the other eye.  If one eye is stronger this can be an issue.
Seeing clearly out of only one eye can cause distorted vision and headaches. If the vision in one eye is weaker than the other you will need to correct your vision… see sessions below.
2. If you struggle to see road signs clearly this is a sure sign your vision is not as strong as it could be and you need to correct your vision.
3. The at home vision test is a great way to test the strength of your vision.  If you cannot see the smaller lines on the chart from the recommended distance you should try the vision sessions mentioned below.  Google search the words Vision Test for appropriate charts.

Truth & Fiction
Fiction – Wearing prescription lenses strengthens vision.
Truth – Prescription lenses always weakens vision more and more.

Fiction – Once you get a new prescription you can never go back to your old one.
Truth – You can strengthen your vision even after your last prescription.

Fiction – Your vision will continue to get worse every year.
Truth –  Your Vision Does Not Have To Get Worse Each Year. You can strengthen your vision so that you do not need a stronger prescription.

“More and more people are complaining of vision problems every year”

How to Stop Failing Vision
Get Your Eyes Checked, preferably every year, so that your doctor can find and treat any eye diseases or other issues.

Always remember to do vision strengthening exercises. If you forget to do the Simple Tips to Stop Vision Loss above it is more likely to have loss of clarity requiring a stronger prescription yearly or even sooner.

It is widely believed that you cannot make your vision stronger. The reliance on eyeglasses and contacts only makes your vision worse each year. It never helps to improve your vision. It only stabilizes your vision for a short time until you need new thicker eyeglasses.

“Vision and eye health problems are the second most prevalent and chronic health care problem in the United States; affecting more than 120 million people.

Introduction to Vision Improvement Sessions
An easy method to strengthen vision

Your vision can, not only be stabilized, but also improved.

“Many people require a new prescription much sooner than their annual eye exam.”

Benefits of Vision Improvement Sessions
Strengthens vision
Permanent Results
Reduces worry about failing vision.
Great for computer users
No boring eye exercises
Improves Distant Vision
Works the same day you start!
You don’t have to worry about the Simple Tips to Stop Vision Loss.
Just use the Automatic Vision Improvement Sessions instead or you can use both.

Automatic Vision Improvement Sessions are a metaphysical way of restoring vision. It can make tired and blurred vision crystal clear again. It is a great way of keeping your vision clear and sharp. The biggest benefit of using the sessions are that they help restore the vision of people who do a lot of close up work, especially computer users. Another benefit is that it can prevent you from having to purchase new prescription lenses yearly unless you want to of course.

Who Is It For?
Computer Users
Young and Old
Wearers of Bifocals and Trifocals

Blur and Distortion is restored to Clarity and Sharpness
Distorted vision is repaired. Edges are sharper and colors are brighter.

Your Eyes Are Your Most Important Asset
This is the future of self eye care. The use of metaphysical gifts and abilities to naturally repair the health of the eye is the best thing we have available right now. The human eye and vision is so precious and delicate that it should be one of your top priorities. Take care of your most valuable asset.

Do You Need Vision Sessions?
You Do…
If you squint often when looking at objects and text that you should be able to see easily.
If you have headaches and pressure in and around
your head. It can feel like a tight headband around your head.
If you have dry eyes and blurry vision after looking at the computer for too long.
If you do lots of close up work such as viewing a computer screen and small electronic screens like cell phones.
If you want to see clearer.
If you want to stop getting thicker eyeglasses every year.
If you want to stop getting headaches and feeling poorly every day.
If the vision in one eye is weaker than the other.

“80% of vision impairment worldwide is curable.”

Automatic Vision Improvement Sessions are for people who have natural failing vision and not for those with physical eyeball degeneration and diseases of the eyeball. It does work for nearsightedness and astigmatism. It also helps users of bifocal and trifocal eyeglasses.

Have questions? Let me know.