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Update – September 11, 2014

This article contains a few updates to some of my projects that I would like to make you aware of.

Vision Improvement Sessions permanently improve vision. I’ve had a question recently about these sessions and I wanted to make it clear that each session you do will improve your vision more and more and each session is permanent. Please view this article for full details about my Automatic Vision Improvement Sessions that you can use to improve your own vision.

Here is the question and answer I posted in Google plus and on Facebook:

Q: I have question about your “improve your eyesight” system. Is the healing one gets from it temporary or after some longer use also permanent?

A: My vision improvement sessions are definitely permanent. As I’ve explained in the blog article, the only reason your eyesight will decline after completing the sessions is if you do a lot of close up work, like staring at the computer or doing close up school work without resting your eyes often enough or doing other eye exercises like the ones they talk about with the bates method. So for people who do lots of close up work they will want to continue with the monthly package otherwise only one month is needed really.

Key of Solomon Seals Update – I have added some more detailed instructions on how to use the Solomon Seals for even better success with your manifestation goals.

Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine – I will be adding some new codes this week so be sure to check this blog article soon.