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The Radionics Machine is Similar to Meditation

This article will help you understand what a radionics machine is and how it is a lot like meditation. I’ve been getting some questions from people who don’t seem to totally understand how a radionics machine works so I wrote this article which should help even the newest person to radionics to understand and comparing radionics to meditation seems to be the easiest way to do that.

Radionics is similar to meditation in the way it works. When you meditate you have an intention in mind that you want to manifest for your or a loved one’s benefit. Your intention could be for better health, to heal a pain or an infection, to help a cut to heal faster, and much more. There is almost nothing you can’t ask for during your meditation except for something negative to happen to someone else. For example, you can’t ask for someone to be hurt, to choke on their gum or something like that. It would be a waste of time and energy because it will not work so I recommend you not try it. Instead, you can use your time and energy to work on something that benefits you instead.

With radionics you can use the same intention as before with meditation but instead of you using your own time and energy with meditation you can let your radionics machine do the work for you.

What the radionics machine does is it basically helps to manifest your intent by ‘broadcasting’ your intent as long as you have the machine running. When you stop running your machine for the intent you wish to manifest you no longer have something helping to manifest for you anymore. Whatever you asked for is still out there, however, in the place where intentions begin to manifest — some people call it the nothingness — taking form in it’s own way but when you turn off your machine it is no longer ‘broadcasting’ your intent.

If you were wondering about the Nothingness, yes something does come from nothing. Everything comes from this place. First it starts out as a thought or an idea like your intention. Before your thought or idea can manifest it needs to be put in this place and given enough energy to form. When you meditate you are using the imagery of your intended outcome, which is an energy in itself, to place your intention, your thought-form picture, into this Nothingness where it begins to take shape, if you let it and try not to interfere with it too much, until it becomes something… whatever your intention was.

An Example of How Radionics is like Meditation
Using your radionics machine for business works similarly to meditation for more business or more money…

When you meditate for a certain outcome, for more customers or for more money, the meditation will only last for so long. After a while you must meditate again for more customers. It is an ongoing thing. If you were to meditate every day or every few days for an outcome you will be more likely to gain a steady stream of customers. Once you stop meditating your customers can continue to come in and be drawn to your business but you may begin to get less and less customers as time goes by. If you want more customers once this happens you must meditate again and usually more customers will show up.

The same principle works with anything that you would use your radionics machine or meditation for like in relationships, for success, creativity, etc. You must continue to use it until you get results and even after you get results or your intention will begin to wear off.

If you do not give your radionics machine enough time to work, which can take as little as a few days or it may take longer than a month in some cases, then your intention may not ever manifest. So be sure to stick with your radionics device or your meditations so that you can have eventual success.

For certain outcomes you will want to run your machine longer than others because some things take a longer time to manifest than others, but especially for business and money.

That being said, I find that sometimes it is easier for people to have me meditate for their specific outcome for them, especially for business. I think it is because my meditation is much stronger than my manifestation paper radionics machine in this particular area. When I meditate for a person to help them with their financial situation it seems to work better and faster, within the same week rather than in a month or two, than it does with the radionics machine. I find that when it comes to money there are other obstacles that are not being taken into consideration or worked on thoroughly enough to make things happen in a timely manner.

It’s just like my Emotional Freedom method, for releasing negative emotional pain from past events and traumas, and my Belief Installer method, for helping to install a belief, in the sense that when I do my special meditation and energy healing method for a client it is extremely faster than if I were to make an automated session for these methods. (I am currently working on a way to have automatic Emotional Freedom and Belief Installer sessions where a one-on-one session with me is no longer needed. I’m not sure how strong or fast they will work but I will update my blog when I feel like they are ready. After I have figured it out I may find that it works just as well as a one-on-one session with me. You never know.)

Like I’ve said in my article on thought-forms it takes a long time to learn to meditate in a way where you can manifest things quickly the way I do and it can take you years of practice before you can learn to do it as effectively and as fast. I make it sound simple, which it is for me but it has taken me lots of time and a good amount of belief and self-trust to keep at it and not give up. Most people will try meditation but not give it a real chance because they haven’t seen the results they hoped for. But if you continue to work hard at it you will find that it is actually really easy. You just have to do the hard work in the beginning to get to this point where it is super simple for you as it is for me.

I hope this article helped you to understand more about radionics machines like my paper radionics machines for healing and my paper radionics machine for manifestation and how they work similarly to meditation. Again, remember for certain outcomes to manifest you must use your machine for a long enough time to gain the results you want just the same as with meditation. If you didn’t get what you wanted the first time you meditated for it or even after the tenth time you should still continue your meditations for as long as it takes and don’t give up. Also, keep working with your radionics machine, maybe changing your intention a little from time to time if you have a feeling that it is not right. You would do the same thing with your meditations.