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Emotional Freedom: Transforming Emotional Pain in 15 Minutes

What is the Emotional Freedom method and how can it help you?
The Emotional Freedom method (not EFT) is a service I’ve created that will help you to get rid of any painful emotions you are currently experiencing as well as any painful emotions from past memories that make you feel bad whenever you think of them. The service consists of a quick 30 minute or so energy healing session with the book’s author and creator of this blog. During the session we will work on the memory that causes you pain until you feel a neutral feeling about the memory.

Who is this service for?
This service is for people who are trying to get over some sort of trauma in their lives. It is mostly for getting over past arguments that still hurt and for events that were traumatic in some way. It is mainly for healing emotional wounds of any sort.

If you are dealing with some sort of ongoing issue such as arguments with someone close this session can help you to move past the hurt you’re experiencing but do note that if you continue to deal with the same person or people who are hurting you those negative emotions will continue to come back.

Because of this you will want to remove toxic people and toxic relationships from your life but if this is not possible such as in cases where you are related and must see and deal with this toxic person, such as with in-laws, the Emotional Freedom session can help in the interim between the times when you will not see or talk to them for quite some time.

In these cases, this means that you will want to have continuing Emotional Freedom sessions. However, if your issue is to heal the pain of old memories usually you only need to do this session once.

Other Information about the Method

The session usually takes about 30 minutes.

The Emotional Freedom book comes free with the service. I have all clients read this short 20 page book before the session so you know what to expect. Contact me and I will send you the book to review for free even if you do not purchase a session.

I have helped a number of people who all love this service. By the end of the session the person always goes away with a feeling that the memory no longer causes them any pain at all and usually they remember the memory different or they have trouble with accessing the memory. They always feel much better and they seem to understand themselves better afterward.

When you try it yourself you will find that you too will feel so different and so much better. If you do not feel better by the end of the session I will give you your money back.

Important: This method and book is not about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). In fact, the method described is a whole lot faster than EFT.

“Excellent work! This really does make a difference.
Thanks for your continued help and be blessed!”
 ~ londondreams
“Wonderful work and great effects! Thank you!”
~ londondreams
“Noticed a marked improvement on the person..
Very positive shift and effective..!”
~ joyfuljune
“Thank you you were wonderful. You definitely help me trmendously”
~ vonne8
“Fantastic gig. The session was amazing and now two weeks later, the positive effects are still there. This gig has the highest potential for change of any that I have seen on here. Expect to see some amazing new services from this seller soon!”
~ digitalseeker
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“She is caring and professional. Awesome experience, really worthy.”
~ osservatore

Book Excerpt:

This short book will introduce you to a method I use to heal people of negative and painful emotions such as sadness, anger, fear, jealousy, etc., caused by negative past events, painful memories and trauma.

Any emotionally painful or traumatic experience can be transformed into a neutral experience with the method outlined in this book. As well, other situations that are emotionally trying can be turned into more positive situations by relieving some of the tension.

Many people spend their whole lives reliving the same old painful memories over and over again with the belief that this is a normal part of life and there is nothing that can be done about it. They don’t realize that they could become free of these past events so that they can live a happier, more carefree life.

We all have past memories that resurface either daily or occasionally that we would rather just forget. These memories cause us to become self-conscious, uncomfortable, sad, angry, frustrated, etc.

These old memories are in the past. They are not happening right now but we consistently relive them as if they are. Your subconscious mind can relive a memory however clear or faint in your mind but the emotions are always very clear. You can either choose to ignore them and push them to the background until they disappear for the moment only to pop up in your life again at some point or you can choose to face these memories and emotions head on and try to force yourself to deal with them, talk them over with friends, family or maybe a therapist.

But wait a minute! These were your only two options before but now you have another option, one where you relive the emotions from the memory one last time and then you finally get rid of it for good. The method described in this book will help you to do just that. It is quick and easy and usually takes less than 15 minutes to transform a really painful memory.

This method takes advantage of a special energy healing technique that manipulates the body’s energy system causing any negative emotion to disappear totally and quickly.

Your other two options don’t look too appealing to me especially when you have access to a new and better alternative.

The book includes everything you need to know about the service and the steps required to becoming emotionally free from negative emotions and emotional pain. (This service is Not For Depression. If you have depression visit this article for a great way to get rid of depression quickly.) After you’ve read through the book and you decide that this is something you would like to try you can purchase below.

If you have any questions please contact me here.

What are people saying about the service?
Every person I’ve helped so far has been quite amazed at the success of the method. Everyone who’s tried it has totally transformed their old painful memories into memories that don’t hurt anymore. Usually by the end of the session they say that they don’t remember the memory the same way again. Any emotional pain that was previously associated with the memory is totally gone and they feel so much better. They then thank me several times afterwards. It is a really great feeling to be able to help people in this way.

You Don’t Need To Tell Me What The Memory is You Want To Work On
One of the coolest things about this service is that you don’t even have to tell me what the issue/memory is. I don’t have to know but sometimes people do tell me a little about what they are working on. It is up to you to decide how much or how little you want me to know.

Only One Session Is Needed
Another great thing about it is that it only takes one session. I haven’t had anyone asking for a follow up session yet.

Purchase Your Session With Me Today
When you purchase a session you will receive a free copy of the book.

Purchase includes energy healing sessions on only 2 memories/issues up to 1 hour or so.

All sessions will be scheduled and completed within 2 to 4 days when you purchase with PayPal below. Don’t let this offer pass you by. I may raise the price soon so get it while it’s Only $125 For a Limited Time. It is worth much, much more than that so you are getting it at a steal.

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If you need more follow-up sessions, though they are usually not needed, you can purchase extra follow-up sessions for the same 1 issue for $50 each. Please let me know if you would like extra sessions and I will send you a payment link.