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Energy Bracelets for a Powerful Energetic Boost

These energy bracelets work great for giving the wearer extra energy needed during the day. A lot of people complain of being tired during the day and usually drink caffeinated drinks or those popular energy shots to try to combat this problem. These products are not only dangerous and unhealthy they are now no longer needed with this great product I’m now offering.

This item is not currently available for purchase.

The energy embedded in this bracelet will give you a powerful boost of energy. You will feel this energy as long as you wear the bracelet. When you take it off the energies will no longer be sent to you. Wear it all day for an energetic boost.

Comments I’ve received: “leaving them on all day while I am at work I am buzzing with energy no drowsiness at all” and “I love it even better then those 5 hour energy drinks I tried before” and “Leaving them on all day rocks till I come home.”

As long as you wear the bracelet you will feel this energy. Take it off when you don’t need the energy so that you are sure to get the rest you need at night.

“I am enjoying my bracelet. It seems to inspire me to be creative. I have been working on creating a new website for our plumbing & heating business & thoughts are flowing freeing. I wake up everyday with a new found spring in my step!”
~ Phyllis, New York, USA
Phyllis then went on to say how the energy from the bracelet helped with her focus and more about her creativity:
“I must say that I do believe it took some time to work but it sure has helped me focus on creativity. I have been so motivated & determined to finish this project with pride. I have a hard time focusing at times. I will start something but not finish occasionally. With the website project I am fully engaged & it’s wonderful. I too Love your experiments. : )”
~ Phyllis, New York, USA

Materials: The bracelet is made of leather cord with slip knot closure and the bead is metal.

The energies are actually contained within the bead so if you have your own bracelet or want to change up the look of your accessories you can take the bead off and put it on a different color bracelet perhaps or a string of necklace.

The energy contained within the bead will last forever. As long as you have it it will continue to work. If at any point you feel the energy has stopped working contact me and I will recharge the item for you. Be sure to keep your receipt.

Other Available Energies:
Powerful Energetic Boost
Blessings & Happiness
Boost Intelligence
Boost Creativity
Stress Relief
Learning is Fun, Learn Fast & Fast Comprehension (of any subject)
Powerful Intuition

Comes in these colors: Goldish Yellow, Silverish White, or Brown. Please choose one.

Any of the energies listed on the Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine page can be made into a wearable bracelet/product so you can give them as gifts.

I can also add multiple energy codes to your bracelet. For every extra code add $5 to the price. For a price quote and for a payment link please contact me here.

Purchase the energies for your own bracelet. Don’t like mine? Send me a picture of the bracelet (pendant, necklace, stone, coin, bead or other item can be substituted) you want to use as your energy bracelet and I will energize it for you and shipping won’t be necessary.

Ships within the United States. Users outside of the United States – you can use your own bracelet and I will energize it for you.

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This item is not currently available for purchase.