Manifestation Candles

These manifestation candles are great tools for creating change in your life. They are embedded with powerful energies and information that can help you to change different areas of your life for the better

Update: Manifestation candles are not currently available. If I decide to offer them again I will update this post.

There are special energies embedded within the candle so that when they are lit for 5 minutes the room and anyone in the room will be filled with the energies for 3 hours each time so you can light them for 5 minutes before you leave the house and you will be charged with the energy and information for 3 hours.

Only a few hours is needed per day for these candles so you don’t have to have them lit all day long. In fact, I suggest you not run them for longer than 5 minutes daily for certain candles as listed below.

The candles are sold in the small tea light size so that they are easy to ship. These candles last up to 6 hours each so if you were to light them once per day you will get 72 days of use out of each tea light candle.

If you don’t want to have them shipped you can purchase just the energies for your own candles. Don’t like mine? Send me a picture of the candle you already own and I will energize it for you. (Shipping will not be necessary this way.) The energies will last for as long as you own your candle. (Large candles are subject to higher pricing but if you have your own tea light or long taper/dinner candles the prices remain the same. Contact me with information about the size of your candle for a price quote.)

Available Energies:

Clear Negative Emotions
Balance and Harmony
Stress Relief
Concentration and Focus
Control Anger
Overcome Worry
Powerful Intuition
Restful Sleep (only light this one for 5 minutes per night an hour or so before sleep)
Blessings & Harmony
Effortless Success
Money & Business Success
and more coming soon…

You can light more than one candle, as long as the energies are related, at the same time. For example, you can light Balance and Harmony candles at the same time as Stress Relief. Self-Confidence and Self-Trust can be lit at the same time.

The candles can be lit for longer than 5 minutes per day when needed. Just light the candle for 5 minutes then blow it out. Three hours later you can light it again for 5 minutes.

Any of the energies listed on the Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine page can be made into a manifestation candle so you can give them as gifts.

Ships within the United States. Users outside of the United States – you can use your own candle and I will energize it for you.

Purchase includes 3 candles.

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