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Beat Depression with Qi Energy

Have depressing thoughts that you can’t get rid of? Purchase today and I will help you to beat your depression using Qi (chi) energy healing. The energy healing you will receive will totally change how you feel in a short amount of time.

This service works great for people who have depression causing thoughts.

Comments I’ve received include “wow I am starting to feel a lot better what are you doing great job keep it up thanks,” and “whatever you’re doing it’s working.”

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Date Testimonial Received: March 7th, 2016
Joyfuljune purchased the Beat Depression sessions for her fiance on March 6th, 2016. Less than 24 hours later she sent me the following message:
“Hi ! Yes he seems to be in better spirits now 🙂 its quite amazing..thank you so much.”
~ joyfuljune on Fiverr

“The depression sessions have been working really well. I was undergoing some treatment that was making me feel very low and depressed which is why I tried your service. Everybody instantly noticed an improvement in my mood at home. Thank you very much. I have recommended your products to friends and family.”

~ Mohammed, UK

How does it work? It works a lot like the Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine Codes but is not included with that product. It is a special code I will run for you that will powerfully get rid of negative depression causing thoughts.

Update: I also have this item available as candles where you just light the candles and you will receive the same benefits. Click here to purchase the Beat Depression Candles.  Manifestation candles are not currently available. If I decide to offer them again I will update this post.

Purchase Today
Purchase includes the number of days selected below of this service where I will run it for you every day. (Usually begins working within 5 days.) After I run the Beat Depression code I will then run a different code called Blessings & Positivity daily. These two codes when run together will help beat any depression.

Not for depression caused by physical issues such as chemical imbalance. 

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10 Days of Sessions
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