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Which Session To Use? – Rapid Psychological Reprogramming

This article will help you to understand more about how to use the sessions to create new beliefs. You will learn which Rapid Psychological Reprogramming Session to use for any affirmation or intention you’ve chosen to create your new belief. See how easy creating new beliefs and changing your personality can be.

Here are some examples of which session to use and some other tips for each of these affirmations.

I achieve financial freedom with complete ease.
You will use any financial affirmation with the Physical Sessions along with visualization of you attracting money.

I learn about investing.
If you need energy to go and learn any subject you will use the Energetic Session because it’s all about doing, doing, doing and taking action. Let’s say you don’t feel like learning or practicing or working but you know you need to to achieve your goal… you will need to create the energy with this session so that you will go and do it. So along with these types of affirmations you will visualize yourself studying, enjoying studying, reading, absorbing information with ease, etc. – these are all (actions) activities.

I have clarity of mind with investments.
Mental Sessions because this has to do with logic and reasoning – which are mental qualities. Visualize yourself making good decisions based on the knowledge you have, using your knowledge (from the learning you received), etc. (By the way, if your intention or affirmation has to do with intuition then you will used the Emotional Sessions.) You could also use the Physical Session for this type of affirmation because you want to be cautious (use caution) and practical.

I create deep and lasting positive changes in my life.
Use the Energetic Sessions because it is also about confidence. Visualize yourself confident that you are creating lasting positive changes.

It’s easy finding clients who want my services.
Use the Energetic Sessions because it is about confidence. Visualize yourself confident that you will find clients or have a steady stream of clients.

Belief change works for me.
Use the Energetic Sessions because it is about confidence. Visualize yourself confident that the sessions are working and you are successfully changing for the better.
(use the last three beliefs together in the same sessions)

If it doesn’t seem to fit with the other sessions then use the Physical Session as a default.

Here is a good tip that will help you to choose which sessions to use….
Each session has a list of keywords that describe an underlying thing that you really want.

When you want financial freedom the underlying thing you want is money – use the Physical Session.
When you want to make good choices the underlying thing you want is being practical and cautious – use the Physical Session.
When you need to take an action the underlying thing you need is energy and confidence – use the Energetic Session.

So for each affirmation simply ask yourself what is it that I really want? You should be able to find a keyword that matches or is similar to what you really want. Whichever category (session) that keyword is found under that is the session you will use.

I hope these tips will help you to figure out which sessions to use with your affirmations. If you’ve subscribed to The Rapid Psychological Reprogramming Sessions already you can contact me if you still need help.

Also, you can use the same visualizations or extremely similar ones you’ve used for another session, for example with the Energetic and Physical Sessions when they they seem to overlap. This is also good because this way you will balance out the energies. Too much of one energy isn’t necessarily a great idea. For example, if you use the Energetic Sessions only and very often you may become too aggressive. Being aggressive is good in certain situations but bad in others. You don’t want to become short tempered with family or in business relationships.

Also, remember to use several similar intentions or affirmations at the same time plus others that you think will be beneficial during each session so as to build up the collective energies around them. Let’s say you want to create for yourself a higher vibration of financial success. Each financial affirmation has a similar vibration. When you create a belief of financial success you create a vibrational energy within you that helps to support that belief. That’s all the sessions are doing really. They help to create a vibrational shift that supports the belief.