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Nutrient Support Supplement Session

The Nutrient Support Supplement Session is an automatic energy session that helps the body have all the nutrients it needs.

The main basic elements, including Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, Nitrogen, etc., are the building blocks of your body and are used by the body to sustain the body and all of its functions and systems. These elements are used by the body in a miraculous way to keep you alive. When your body lacks the necessary vitamins and minerals, proteins, neurotransmitters, fatty acids, etc., which are all available in their particular form because of their molecular structure (how the molecules bond together to make a particular vitamin like Vitamin A, for example), it does not function correctly leading to many diseases, mental and physical. When your body is lacking a certain level of neurotransmitters secreted by the brain, for example, it can lead to depression, weight gain, and much more. The same goes for the other nutrients your body needs.

What are Automatic Energy Sessions?

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Too low levels of several nutrients can cause you so many problems and it is hard to know what you need to eat more of or less of in order to support your health in the best way. It would be hard to always eat the right nutrients in the correct amount so this session helps to support you by giving you all the nutrients your body needs.

Because this automatic energy session is energetic it does not have the same side effects as if you took the real life chemical equivalent of any supplement or man-made manufactured and processed products. You cannot overdose or make yourself sick if you run this session a long time, for example, when using this or any of the other sessions on this website.

This session helps to safely change the molecular structure of your food and excess elements within your body into all the different nutrients your body and mind needs to become more balanced and sustain a healthy body.

This session takes the molecules from the water you drink and the food you eat and changes it to create the nutrients your body needs to function properly. It certainly helps to make sure you are eating healthily but you do not need to become a health food fanatic while you’re using this session.

This body automatic energy healing session will help to create for you a more nourished body by adding nutrients to your body. Today’s diets are lacking lots of nutrients and in many cases you are not getting certain nutrients at all. This session helps your body to create nutrients that are missing or lacking from your body by reassembling the nutrients you are supplying it from the food you eat.
When you are getting the right nutrition:
– you feel better overall
– your cells, systems and organs are more able to function the way they are supposed to
– you feel happier
– you have more energy
– you can lose more weight
– you will have better focus and concentration
– you will get more things done
– you will feel more mentally clear and centered

Your body will:
– repair and restore cells for cell growth and healing
– repair and restore the functioning of the body, including the cells, systems and organs

All the processes of the body will begin to work more harmoniously.

I’ve added a number of vital nutrients and more that help to sustain and support the healthy functioning of your body. That includes lots of vitamins, minerals, essential and non-essential amino acids, proteins, anti-oxidants, fatty acids, phytochemicals, enzymes, neurotransmitters, hormones, and more.

Along with proper nutritious meals this session should help you to feel better daily. You do not need to eat super healthy meals but of course the healthier the better.

I try to use this session myself daily and I can certainly notice a difference on the days I don’t use it. Actually, I usually notice it maybe 2-3 days after I’ve stopped using it.