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Metaphysical Automatic Energy Sessions

The Mental, Emotional, Body and Mind Automatic Energy Healing Sessions available on this website has similar effects of subliminal audios, binaural beats, energy body work and hypnosis but without using audio. No meditation is needed either. The sessions were created using energy thought forms. To use the automatic sessions you just click a Start button […]

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The Rapid Psychological Reprogramming Sessions

Change Your Personality, Install New Beliefs and Achieve Your Goals The Rapid Psychological Reprogramming sessions are an energy healing method that you can use to change your personality, create and install new beliefs and achieve your goals. Meditation is not involved and there are no techniques to learn. Instead, you will simply visualize what it […]

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Cat Manifestation Comic

This is a comic I made just for fun. Of course you can’t actually manifest negative stuff on purpose like this in real life. Well maybe you can but I wouldn’t recommend it. If you are thinking or wishing for something bad to happen it could happen coincidentally but maybe it was going to happen […]

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Spiritual healers make cancer disappear in 3 Minutes. Amazing video!

Watch as these spiritual healers make cancer disappear in 3 minutes documented on video as it happens. This is the power of belief, desire and expectancy working together at once. In the side by side image above you can see the cancer before the spiritual healing starts, and on the right the cancer as it […]

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Melanie’s Miracle Water – for Sale

Water has a memory. It can hold onto intentions and programming and it can carry out the instructions given in a similar way as a computer or a thought-form. Using my special energy healing process I’ve programmed this water with the vibration of healing energies. Wherever on the body I rub the water it transfers […]

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Programmed Water – My Experiments

In this article I will explain how I think programming water works based on my own personal experiments and observations. You will learn about the vibration of water, how beliefs and intentions can be programmed into water and how it has the power to affect the person who ingests it. You will also learn a […]

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Nutrient Support Supplement Session

The Nutrient Support Supplement Session is an automatic energy session that helps the body have all the nutrients it needs. The main basic elements, including Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, Nitrogen, etc., are the building blocks of your body and are used by the body to sustain the body and all of its functions and systems. These […]

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The Memory of Water – Thought Affects All Life

Learn how water has a memory and because your body is made of 70% water what this means for you and your health. Important Links:Programmed Water – My ExperimentsMelanie’s Miracle Water The Memory of Water – Experiments and Proof Water Holds Information – It Has a Memory Did you know that water has a memory […]

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The Peace Project – Free for Subscribers

The Peace Project was created with the objective of helping more people to receive more peace in their lives and to help manifest more of their wishes. It will help you to resolve problems faster and attract to you better circumstances. See a longer list of possible benefits below. Find out how you can receive […]

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List of All Services and Projects

This page incudes a list of most of the available projects and services on this website. Click any link to continue. You can also use this link to find more. And, visit the shop for more. Services Financial Abundance Energy Healing SessionsPain Energy Healing SessionsBacteria, Virus, Fungus – Infection Energy Healing ServicesTeeth Energy Healing SessionsBeat […]