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The ‘Heal Yourself’ Pain Relief Method

I have created a new amazing energy healing method for natural healing, I call The ‘Heal Yourself’ Pain Relief Method, that you can use yourself on your own pains for natural pain relief and on a wide variety of other conditions just by simply pointing to the problem area. I created it first and foremost […]

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Improve Your Eyesight The Automatic Way with Vision Improvement Sessions

Have you ever tried to improve your eyesight naturally with energy healing? In this post I will explain to you how it works and how you can use it yourself to improve your own vision quickly and easily without having to use pinhole eyeglasses and without having to do eye exercises that you usually forget […]

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What are Thought-Forms, Energy Balls, Psionic Energy…?

Here is a quick article on thought-forms, energy balls, chi energy and psionics. This article will help you understand exactly what it is I am talking about in some of my other posts and how some of my energy healing projects work. I use these things with my paper radionics machines and Youtube videos to […]

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Manifestation Radionics Machine and Solomon Seals Results

I have a few more results that I’ve noticed when using specific Key of Solomon Seals. In my last post I talked about my results with some of the money and business seals/talismans and the talisman alleged to bring the possessor all things they may desire, The 1st Pentacle of the Sun. I have been […]

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Key of Solomon Seals for Manifestation

My latest experiments are going to be with the Greater Key of Solomon Seals/Talismans. What is a talisman? A talisman is known as a magical item that is carried with the possessor to bring good luck or provide protection. The Solomon Seals are talismans that have special powers when charged. Each talisman has a specific […]

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Healed a Friend and Mother of the Flu and Cold Virus

The same day I healed my tooth pain I was able to help a friend who had the flu. You can read all about how I killed the bacteria that causes toothache from a bad tooth instantly here. This is the same friend who gave me the idea of how to kill off bacteria in […]

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Stopped Tooth Pain Instantly – Killed Bacteria Instantly

Here are details of a successful experiment I tried on really bad tooth pain. The really amazing part about this experiment is that what seemed to happen was that I was able to kill(?) the bacteria that caused the pain. If this is the case and I did have some kind of an effect on […]

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What beliefs or habits do you want to install into your mind and body?

Here are few tips on how to find ideal phrases you can use to Program your Water. You can also use these tips with The Belief Installer method. Here is how I find phrases to use for any belief I would like to install and you can do the same if you are having trouble […]

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Why Should You Setup an Emotional Freedom Session With Me Today?

Are you contemplating trying the Emotional Freedom Method? Well let me tell you why you should just go ahead and do it. 1) It’s super cheap to try. The price is really low right now but I will raise the price soon so you should try it right away. It costs less than the price […]

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Pain Healing Service

I will use a mix of meditation and energy healing work on you, for you, to help you reduce pain. I work on headaches, body and muscle pain, toothaches, earaches, stomachaches, pain from broken bones and much more. It works great on most types of pain. Some pain will disappear or diminish significantly within about […]