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Melanie’s Miracle Water – for Sale

Water has a memory. It can hold onto intentions and programming and it can carry out the instructions given in a similar way as a computer or a thought-form. Using my special energy healing process I’ve programmed this water with the vibration of healing energies. Wherever on the body I rub the water it transfers the healing energy to that area and makes pain and other symptoms disappear totally with miraculous results similarly but even faster, in some cases, than my energy healing sessions.

Melanie’s Miracle Water is replacing The ‘Heal Yourself’ Pain Relief Method. The water has mostly the same effects. In fact, I could use that article to describe the miracle water without changing 99.5% of it. Read that article for more information.

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The Memory of Water – Thought Affects All Life
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I’m not sure why but this water works exponentially faster, almost instantly in most cases, than anything I’ve ever seen. There is no medication I’ve ever heard of that works as fast. If I had back pain and took Aleve, Ibuprofen, or Tylenol, for example, it would take 30 minutes or longer before it starts working and I don’t like waiting that long. I, like you, want instant results. Plus I don’t like taking pharmaceutical drugs so I’d rather take something more natural if it works just as well, especially for long term use because it’s safer and non habit-forming. Pharmaceutical drugs can damage the organs and the functioning of the body so I try not to use anything if I don’t absolutely have to.

You can also purchase my energy healing services if you need even more help. Use the water at the same time for even better results.

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Proof Melanie’s Miracle Water Works


In All of My Experiments I’ve Found That:
Pains disappear extremely fast, in most cases within about 1-2 minutes if you apply Melanie’s Miracle Water at the first signs of pain, much faster than if you wait until the pain is really bad.
The pain disappears faster than using medication in every case I’ve tried it on.
Pain disappears TOTALLY Every Time!
There is nothing that it hasn’t worked on.
The effects of the water reaches deep into the body.
I’m still testing things as they show up and you should too.
See Results and Testimonials Below

Purchase Melanie’s Miracle Water

Have pain? Have trouble controlling pain? Want to reduce the amount of prescription pain medication you are currently taking?

This water is infused with energy healing vibrations and is able to reduce pain with miraculous results. It works on all sorts of pain as well as other issues.

Available for purchase today.

I’m planning on shipping these soon but until then you will need to get a bottle, fill it with water and I will do energy healing on it. See Full Instructions Here

Item size: 2oz Spray Bottle
Price: $20


Add $10 Extra for Speedy Delivery – I will deliver as fast as possible – within 48 hours.
Without Speedy Delivery delivery times will be between 4-5 days.


Need Help? Contact Me


Ingredients: Spring Water
No Shipping


After you purchase email me a picture of your water bottle. I will contact you letting you know I’ve received your order. Allow 4-5 days for the process to be completed or 1-2 days if you choose Speedy Delivery. I will then contact you again to let you know that you can begin using it.
See Full Instructions Here

Directions for use:
Spray Bottle – Spray 1 pump of liquid onto area or into hand, rub it in and allow to air dry. Reapply as needed.
Use extra if pain is not going away.
Use it before you think pain will return or as soon as you feel pain. The sooner you apply the water to a painful area the sooner the pain will stop.
Because it’s safer than medication you can use as much as you want as often as you want.
Safe for everyone, even pets!

How does it work?

To explain how I believe the water works I created an article entitled, Programmed Water – My Experiments. If you want the quick version read this part and this part.

Some Results

The Following Symptoms Totally Disappeared:
– Migraine, within 10 minutes (I think if it was used sooner than it was it would have worked faster)
– Itchiness from allergic sensitivity to a bodywash, within 1-2 minutes (tested 7 times so far)
– Itchiness from allergic sensitivity to fabric in shoes, within 1 minute
– Leg Pain / possible muscle cramps, almost instant
– Knee Pain, 1-2 minutes
– Back Muscle Strain Pain, sometimes within 20 seconds to up to 2 minutes, usually lasts several hours before having to re-apply Miracle Water
– Shoulder Pain, within 2-3 minutes
– Tooth Pain, had to reapply the water a few times then the pain and irritation disappeared, within 6 minutes

Menstrual Cramps & Pain Totally Gone, along with exhaustion and other symptoms, within 6-8 minutes

Honestly, I was excited to test this one. I really didn’t think it was going to work all that well, well I wasn’t sure so I knew this would be the ultimate test. And, of course, the best way to find out is to try it. The pain started late at night and I was just about to get ready for bed. So when I first felt the cramping and pain I didn’t apply the miracle water right away because I wanted to wait until the pain got worse. When it did out came the miracle water and I rubbed it in on the front side of my body where the uterus is located. I could tell something was happening fairly quickly because there is a feeling I always get whenever I rub the water on my body near the intestines. It’s kind of a hard feeling to describe. It’s like an energy movement in the intestines. I get the same feeling every time I rub the water on my lower back. After about 2 minutes the pain didn’t seem like it had lessened any really so I rubbed a few more drops on the same area and again I waited. At this point I was about to get out the Aleve but then something happened. The pain began to subside about half way which is not enough so I rubbed in a few more drops. After that, I waited about another 1 or 2 minutes and during that time I noticed the pain subsiding more and more until it finally disappeared. Since the pain was so bad it looks like it needed extra drops and a bit more time to kick in.

I didn’t have any pain for the rest of the night but I put some more on anyway when I got up to use the bathroom a few hours later just in case. I continued to test the effects of the Miracle Water the next day and the day after that. I noticed that whenever the pain subsided the other symptoms subsided too which means it also got rid of the exhaustion and weakness I usually get with the pain and cramping. Whenever I felt a twinge like the pain was about to start up I put some Miracle Water on it and again it went away almost instantly (in less than 30 seconds) and the pain did not return for several hours.

Remember, I never took any pain pills during (or after) this test or any other test listed on this page which proves this water works miracles.

Cut on Toe Irritation and Achiness, gone in 1-2 minutes

I cut the underside of my toe. I put a BandAid around the toe first because it was bleeding a little. I thought it felt fine at first but then it started aching and annoying me. So out came the Miracle Water. I didn’t put the miracle water directly on the cut. I wanted to test what would happen if I rubbed it in the skin near the cut so I rubbed it on the opposite side, the top side of the toe over the bandage. Again, I wasn’t sure what would happen so I waited. I began doing something else and when I remembered to check on it I noticed the pain was totally gone and it never came back.

This shows that the effects of the water reaches deep into the body.

Hip and Lower Belly Pain, gone within a few minutes

My mom had a pain that she described as being “so bad that it felt like my leg was going to fall off.” She said she was doing a lot of moving around at work that day. She put the water on the area that hurt and it disappeared within a few minutes.

Used It on My Pet

I put it on my dog sometimes. She seems to be fine and happy so I didn’t notice anything different about her but I want to keep her happy and healthy so I’m just going to put it on her once per day. Try it on your pets.


No side effects – unlike all medication
Works Fast!
Use on pets for overall well being and pain reduction
Use it on children to try to reduce the amount of medication they may be taking. (Needs to be tested)

Other Possible Uses (still testing):
Tooth Pain

Important Info:
Pharmaceutical Drugs Are Bad and Damaging To The Body

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants the benefits of the healing energies. Anyone who has pain. Use it in place of painkillers in most cases. Use it with painkillers for more severe pain. Can help you to use less prescription medications.


What do I need to do exactly?

Quick Instructions
Buy a 2oz spray bottle from Walmart or a grocery store. Should cost about $1. Sanitize it by washing it in hot water or carefully boil it. Fill it with clear spring water. Take a picture of it and send me a message using this contact form. Attach the picture to the form.

Full Instructions
You will purchase a 2oz spray bottle from the cosmetic department or in the travel (sized) item section of a store like Walmart, Walgreens or at a grocery store. You may take the label off of the bottle (if you can; but don’t throw the label away; the label on Walmart’s Equate bottles peel off really easily) before you wash it with hot soapy water or by carefully boiling it. After cleaning, fill it with spring drinking water and put the label back on. (The point of keeping the label on it is to make sure you have the right sized bottle.) Purchase using one of the links above and email me the pictures.

I am not shipping the water at this time. This service includes distant energy healing on your bottle of water.

Example Walmart Bottle:

Melanie’s Miracle Water
Consciousness Project Miracle Water