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Clear Negative Energy and Emotions from Your Aura

In this article I will explain what an aura is, how negative emotions disrupt your aura, how energetic disruptions effect the functioning of your body, why it is important to clear negative emotions, how to clear negative energy from your aura and how to easily clear negative emotions from your aura yourself using Automatic Mental-Emotional Energy Healing Sessions.

Your body is comprised of your physical body, of course, as well as your energy field which is also called your aura. There are several layers that make up your aura including the two that we will be working with directly, your emotional and mental aura layers, in healing negative emotions from unpleasant memories, energetic blocks and limiting beliefs. The health of your aura has a direct effect on your mental, emotional and physical bodies.

Energetic Blocks Cause Disruptions in the Energy Field
Negative emotions from past emotional traumas cause energetic blockages and disruption in your aura. Any negative emotions that you have encountered in the past and have not processed and released creates a blockage or disruption of the flow of energy throughout your energy system.

Here is an example of a traumatic event that causes a disruption in your energy field. Let’s say you had an embarrassing moment in your life, like you tripped in front of a group of people. This may seem like a minor event but for some people it can be a major traumatic event.

Many times an unpleasant experience such as this one causes the person to block his feelings and hold onto them thus stopping the flow of energy. A stopping of energy causes a disruption in the chakras and the aura. Continued habitual stopping of this energy flow causes psychological or physical problems to occur. Remember, emotional and mental energy must flow through your energy field and out. That is, it must be processed and released. If it is not released and it doesn’t flow out of your energy field it causes an energetic block or a stagnation of energy. Your energy should flow freely and strongly through your aura and when it doesn’t it makes you feel “off”.

Memories that have strong emotions associated with them are the memories you are more likely to remember and relive and it seems that negative memories, those with strong negative emotions, make a stronger and longer lasting impression in your mind than positive, happier emotions. This is why you can remember negative painful events, more easily than others.

Now back to that example on embarrassment… because you did not process that event and allow it to move out of your aura you still feel embarrassed whenever you think about it. When this old embarrassing event resurfaces to the forefront of your mind you find yourself reliving this moment again in real time as if it is happening again now and it causes those same embarrassed emotions and feelings. You can feel the blockage in your energy as you are thinking of it. It can feel like a lump in your chest or somewhere else. You can feel your muscles tighten and you may begin breathing irregularly or you may hold your breath for a short time. You will also feel other emotions, maybe anger or disgust at yourself or someone else.

If this happens to you when you think about some event, if it causes you emotional pain or discomfort in any way, even in the smallest way, this is a sign that you haven’t processed and released the emotional content of this memory and it is causing an energetic blockage and a disruption in your energy field. These feelings signify that this is a memory you need to work on clearing and releasing. Once you have successfully cleared the emotion from this memory you will feel much better the next time this memory resurfaces.

Sometimes these old memories pop up into our awareness for seemingly no reason at all or maybe they are related to something that is currently happening around you. These moments are beneficial so when you re-experience a moment like this make a note of it quickly so that you can work on this memory later. When you experience negative emotions it directly tells you that this is an issue you will want to take a closer look at.

Any negativity you experience is your subconscious mind’s way of telling you that there is some limiting belief or past experience that has not been fully processed and cleared. You can think of any fearful feelings, like anxiety, as a subconscious blockage that needs to be removed. The stronger the emotion the more important it should be to you to work on clearing it from your mind.

Clearing negative energy and emotions from past traumas helps to clear these energetic blockages.

If you do not clear your aura of these energetic blocks and negative energy and emotions and if your energy is not flowing smoothly in your energy field it can cause psychological issues or physical illness located in the area where the disruption is.

Once the negative emotions are removed you are less likely to develop these issues. Also, mentally and emotionally you will be much more clear and feel more self-confident, happier, and more willing to try new things.

You can Clear Your Energetic Blocks
My new Automatic Mental-Emotional Healing Sessions will help to clear and remove negative energy and emotions from your energy body. As you work with them you will find that the events that caused you emotional pain in the past no longer bother you anymore either mostly or completely depending on the severity of the event and how much you are willing to work on them with the help of the Automatic Mental-Emotional Healing Sessions.