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Weight Loss Energy Healing Sessions

My new weight loss sessions are available to try. These are experimental sessions. I do not sell them directly because they are still in the testing phases but if you want to try them you can get them free when you purchase my Automatic Mental-Emotional Energy Healing Sessions.

Let me explain how they work with a story. It was late at night and I was craving something to eat. I knew I didn’t really want to eat anything but as cravings go they usually dictate what happens next without you being able to control yourself. So usually you will get up and go find something to satisfy that craving. So I ran one of the weight loss sessions while I got lost reading and working on some articles for this blog and about 10 or 15 minutes later I remembered that I had run the weight loss session and I realized, surprisingly, I was no longer craving anything to eat. I stayed up about 2 hours after that without a single craving.

Most people will tell you that you should eat less and exercise more. Okay that’s easier said than done. They don’t tell you how to eat less. If you eat when you are not hungry then you have some sort of subconscious beliefs that are causing you to do this. The Automatic Mental-Emotional Weight Loss Issues Energy Healing Sessions will help you to deal with those beliefs and help you to remove them, thereby, making it easier for you to lose weight.

As with the other sessions these weight loss sessions seem to clear out the emotion that causes the cravings. Cravings seem to build up like a thought-form cloud and it usually happens so fast and the thought-form gets so strong that before you know it you’re already snacking away. This is why it is a good idea to not keep snacks in the house. That way you are not tempted as easily.

So blame your cravings on mental and emotional reasons and subconscious beliefs because usually you are not even hungry when these incessant, usually unstoppable cravings begin.

If you stop the cravings you will not eat, or eat less, when you aren’t actually hungry and you will be more likely to lose the weight you want to lose.

Weight Loss Tips
Use the Automatic Mental-Emotional Weight Loss Issues Energy Healing Sessions to help you to remove limiting beliefs about weight loss and to help curb food cravings. When you’re using the sessions make sure to run them whenever you have cravings and try not to eat anything. Keep running the session until the cravings subside. If it doesn’t work the first time, go ahead and try it the next time you have cravings.

If you can find an internet article about “limiting beliefs about weight loss” then use the limiting beliefs they list with your weight loss sessions. Run them a few times or until you can tell that your beliefs about each particular belief has changed. For example, if you have a belief such as, “Chocolate is good for me, so I should have it after every meal,” and you eat chocolate after every meal… try removing this belief with your weight loss energy healing sessions to see if your habits change and if you reduce or even stop eating chocolate after meals. Continue until they do.

Limiting Beliefs about Weight Loss
Here are some limiting beliefs about weight loss that you can try out right away:

I can’t do it.
I don’t deserve it
I’m doomed to stay this way.
My family is overweight.
No matter what I do…
It’s too hard.
I feel vulnerable.
From article, “7 Limiting Beliefs That Can Stall Your Weight loss

I need starchy carbohydrates at every meal.
I should drink chocolate milk after every run.
If I am tired, I should not exercise.
I should eat little or no fats.
I need to eat regularly even if I am not hungry.
I need to eat soon after waking up.
Chocolate is good for me, so I should have it after every meal.
From article, “Are Your Food Beliefs Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

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