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How to Change Limiting Beliefs The Fast Way

You can change your limiting beliefs yourself and I will show you how by explaining a little about how limiting beliefs are formed, how to find out where you have limiting beliefs, and how to remove limiting beliefs fairly easily. This is one of the fastest way to change limiting beliefs that I’ve found so far. I’m always working to improve my healing methods and I find this to be a great way to do it.

Limiting beliefs are those that you believe about yourself that cause you to feel negatively about yourself in some way or about life in general. The negative subconscious beliefs you have, some of which you may not even realize you have, can create many obstacles in your life.

Limiting beliefs stored in your subconscious mind can cause you to do things without understanding why you’re doing it. Limiting beliefs can cause a high or low level of fear, emotional turmoil, doubt, etc., without actual proof that those beliefs are true. People believe different things so you could believe in one thing and another person may believe it to be totally untrue for them.

Your beliefs begin to be formed in childhood by an underdeveloped adolescent mind. As a child you do not know enough about the world to understand the workings of the world but nevertheless you begin to form opinions and beliefs that can be hard to change as you grow older. These opinions and understandings can shape the rest of your life in very good or undesirable ways. If you believe that you can have more and be more then it is more likely that you will. If your beliefs are limiting then you will live a life limited in what you can do or have.

So you can see how important it is that a young mind should be nourished and molded in a way that he or she believes in a world of abundance, that they can achieve great things and that anything is possible.

But many times a young mind creates opinions and beliefs that are limiting and they hold these beliefs usually for the rest of their lives. These beliefs are deeply ingrained into the subconscious mind and can be really hard to change. I talk about using meditation to help people change their beliefs but it is hard for some people to meditate. At the bottom of this article I will show you how you can use my Automatic Mental-Emotional Energy Healing Sessions to help change and remove these negative beliefs that works without you having to meditate at all.

Here are some examples of limiting beliefs that hold you back…

In business and career, when you try to do something new (which is when negative subconscious beliefs usually intervene) such as asking for a promotion or trying to move up in the company or when trying to start a new business, your subconscious mind will prevent you from following through by creating unwarranted emotions such as fear and insecurity. These emotions can feel like intuition where you just don’t feel right about something, as if something is wrong. This is the point when you feel like giving up and lots of times this is what happens thus preventing you from getting ahead in your career.

Sometimes these emotions could be your intuition but many times it is just your subconscious mind creating these feelings. If you have subconscious blocks and you do not remove them you will never know if it’s insecurity or just your subconscious mind interfering again.

In relationships it may be jealousy, insecurity, fear, etc., that causes disruption in your relationships. For example, you may have a belief that men cannot be trusted. This belief can cause you to always be suspicious of all men, even the good ones. If you’re a woman with this subconscious belief you will never trust any man which will make having a happy and loving relationship impossible. You will always push men away in some way… maybe by being overly jealous, being overly dramatic, disrespectful, etc. If you know you have this belief then you can begin to work on it using the sessions I will be talking about later in this article.

Your subconscious beliefs can become almost debilitating in the way that you can not seem to ever get ahead in life or in whatever area you’re having trouble in. If you have negative beliefs about money and self-worth you will have blocks that can cause you to stay in your current job position rather than applying for a higher position that pays more or not starting your own business, for example.

Subconscious Beliefs are Living Thought-forms
Each subconscious belief is its own thought-form. Any conscious or subconscious belief that reinforces this thought-form makes it stronger. The stronger and larger it gets it becomes your reality more and more. For example, let’s say you have a limiting belief that you’re not good enough (you can substitute this belief with your own). If people tell you you’re not good enough often enough you begin to believe it. The more you believe and reinforce this belief, by thinking about it and even obsessing over it, this thought-form grows and it sort of takes on a life of its own. This belief makes you act a certain way and carry yourself a certain way and because it’s held subconsciously and within your energy field it can also be felt subconsciously by other people. If you feel you are not good enough other people will feel this and they will begin to agree with you.

You will continue to believe this belief as long as this thought-form reality stays within your energy field. These limiting negative subconscious beliefs can be cleared out and worked with fairly easily using the Automatic Mental and Emotional sessions.

Positive thought-forms work the same way. If you hold onto empowering beliefs you will have more positive things happen in your life. Your positive mindset creates positive thought-forms that effect your reality in beneficial ways.

How to find out where you have limiting beliefs
In what area of your life do you feel is lacking? Do you have less than ideal relationships? Not enough money? Low self-confidence? Whatever area of your life is not as good as you would like then you know what you need to work on.

By questioning the area of your life where you feel you are missing something or where things seem less than ideal you should be able to find some books or internet articles that talk about your particular issue. Using these articles, for example, you can make a detailed list of statements that you can work with using my Automatic Mental-Emotional Energy Healing Sessions.

How to change your limiting beliefs

So, to work on a particular issue all you need to do is choose a statement such as the following and create a long list of other statements that are related to each other like this…

I’m not good enough
I will never be good enough
I do not deserve ____ (fill in the blank)
I will never get what I want because _____

Now that you have a list of statements and with the help of the Automatic Mental-Emotional Energy Healing Sessions work on each one by repeating the statement and running the session until the statement no longer feels true to you. When the statement no longer causes pain or discomfort in any way then you should move on to the next one.

Continue this way for all of your limiting beliefs and create a better life for yourself. You will be able to remove all sorts of limiting beliefs so you can feel better and have the confidence to follow your dreams.

The sessions are simple and easy to use. No meditation is required. No contemplative work either. Just think up some intention statements that you think may be limiting you and then run the session. Then just repeat as many times as needed. It really is that simple.

What I have found by working with people using my one-on-one Emotional Freedom (not EFT) sessions is that as soon as I help a person remove a negative statement like the ones above they immediately begin to feel better. Just removing your negative limiting beliefs makes you feel so much different like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders. It also makes you think about your life and what it is you want for your future. It can help you to become more mentally clear about things. You may begin to question things and make changes in how you live your life.

Some subconscious beliefs you are not aware of so even if you wanted to work through your subconscious blocks you may not know where to start to begin the process. Whether you know what the belief is that is blocking you or not these beliefs can stand in your way like a brick wall. But as you continue to work on different beliefs you will most likely uncover yours and be able to clear them.

See this article, Automatic Mental-Emotional Energy Healing Sessions, for more information about the sessions and how they can help you remove your limiting beliefs.