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Heal Yourself Method for Natural Allergy Relief.. More Thoughts

Recently, I was thinking about all the cool things my ‘Heal Yourself’ Method can do and I received a message from someone which prompted me to write some things down in a message to him. I thought it would make a good post so I included the message below…

My ‘Heal Yourself’ Pain Relief Method (which is not just for pain) works very, very well for fast natural allergy relief. My mom uses it all the time and it works amazingly for her allergies. She has a reaction to all sorts of smells, molds, cigarette smoke, most perfumes, pollen and other outdoor allergens. (Honestly, I don’t know how she could even function.) Whenever she starts to get an attack she points to her sinus area and usually 15-20 minutes or so later she is feeling much better. So the Heal Yourself method seems to stop the allergic reaction so that it does not continue to get worse.

Allergies have a chain reaction effect, kind of like a virus, in that you get a virus which then spreads out of control totally collapsing your immune system. The immune system has a hard time of killing the virus and there seems to be nothing you can do except take some medicine and rest (if you can afford it) which works at a snail’s pace. The ‘Heal Yourself’ Method stops the allergic reaction almost immediately so that the immune system can start the healing process. If The ‘Heal Yourself’ Method is used as soon as you notice symptoms it catches the allergic reaction or virus that quickly and your body can heal itself in record time.

Just to let you know, this method is also good as a cold sore treatment. It heals cold sores in record time, stops it instantly.

My mom seems to feel so much better since I created it for her. It is really cool to see her be able to heal herself(!) instead of relying on me to do it.. which used to be all the time(!). It was exhausting for me to try to keep her healthy and feeling good. Now she does it herself and I don’t have to do anything anymore. It used to be very distracting having to stop and tend to her every allergic reaction but now I can focus my energy on other things.

The good thing that came out of all the distraction is the necessity for something automatic and hands off for me. They do say “necessity is the mother of invention.” That is very true and you can see how my desire for laziness lead to an amazing invention.

Laziness can be viewed as negative or positive. My laziness of not wanting to do hours of meditation and energy healing made me get creative and proactive for a relatively short time so that I could be lazy again later. It is now a set it and forget it process… well for her at least.

There is another article I’m in the process of writing on how to relieve constipation with The ‘Heal Yourself’ Method. I hope to finish it soon but again I keep getting distracted by other things (plus a bit of laziness). It is a very simple process… just point to your intestinal area and in a few days you will find that your bowel movements are much more regular. Really that’s all but I wanted to create a nice long article that search engines love… especially Google, my favorite. (If you’re not using Google shame on you. 🙂 )

This post was meant to be short but my semi-perfectionism got in the way. So long laziness.