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Energy Healing Clears Energetic Blockages for A Better Life

Everything is made of energy including physical things like money and your body as well as non-physical things like thoughts and emotions.

When energy becomes blocked and stagnant, which happens quite often, it causes a disruption. That disruption has a domino effect that spreads to many other areas causing actual physical disturbance, not just within the body, but also in other areas of life like finances, relationships as well as mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This energetic disruption can cause thinking to slow and physical reactions to stimuli to slow such as in sports where you just don’t feel in the flow and instead you just feel “off.”

This can make it harder to be creative and inventive and makes it harder to do well in school and work and to be productive in all other areas.

Energy healing works by making energy flow as it should and it helps to dissolve blockages so that things begin to work as they should. When your energy is flowing correctly everything begins to flow the way it is supposed to. Thinking becomes clearer allowing you to do your job, school work, or play sports more efficiently. You just feel much better in every way.

What causes energy to become stagnant and blocked?

A lack of proper meditation and other types of energy healing work on yourself can cause blockages. Also, stress, negative beliefs, past traumatic events trapped in your mental and emotional bodies which are not released can all cause these blockages.

These things are important to get under control and I even offer services to help heal negative emotions from negative memories and past events with my Emotional Freedom method (this is not EFT). I also have a service where I help Heal a Broken Heart for people who are going through emotional turmoil from a breakup. These things really help you to get over past hurts and emotional and mental pains fast and it is important to try to remove these things which are causing you to become sick and which are keeping you from living the happy and joyous life you would like to live.

FYI, I’m currently working on a few different things to help combat daily stress and also something for Aura Protection. I will write more about this soon but for now I will just say this… when your Aura is not balanced and clear you are more susceptible to feeling the negative emotions of others. This can really mess you up and I believe this is something that I am sensitive to. I’ve already created something that will help block these negative emotions from coming into the Aura and I’ve made it automatic where within a split second you can put up a shield around your Aura (it also clears out negative energy) and later when you don’t need it anymore you can again, within a split second, take your shield down. If you are sensitive to other people’s emotions, which I believe is called being a psychic empath, you can feel “out of sorts” all of sudden for, seemingly, no reason whatsoever. I’ve just realized that this is what I think I’ve been going through for most of my life. Since I’ve been using it I think I’m feeling a lot better on a daily basis. I’m wondering if there are a lot more people with this issue that don’t even realize it and they wonder why they are feeling bad all the time… they are picking up on other people’s emotions and they don’t even know it.

One other thing I wanted to quickly mention is the fact that many, if not most, people are constantly thinking negative thoughts. So just think if you are sitting next to a group of people and they are all thinking negatively and all of these emotions are going right into your Aura and you have no protection and you are not able to clear out this negativity and it just lingers around for hours even after you’ve already left the company of these people… how do you think this would make you feel? I think this is the reason why you can feel comfortable with some people and uncomfortable with others. You are picking up on their emotions. If they are emotionally stable and happy you can feel it. If they are emotionally and mentally unstable and they have a lot of negative self-talk you will pick up on that and feel downright crappy.

Again, I’ll update my blog when I’ve figured it all out.

So what can you do to remove energetic blockages from your energy field?
The best thing you can do to prevent and remove these energetic blockages is to learn meditation or another type of energy healing method to balance out your energy and make your energy flow correctly or you can easily have someone else do it for you. I offer all sorts of methods that can help and you may want to write to me first to see what I recommend you do before purchasing anything. And again, I have some new things coming soon that may help.