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Healing Negative Emotions and Emotional Pain

Update: Please read the updated article here which includes my new book entitled, Emotional Freedom: Transforming Emotional Pain in 15 Minutes. You will also be able to purchase a session on the new page.

Getting rid of negative emotions can be easier than you think when you know how. I’ve used energy healing to release many negative emotions from past memories and situations within a matter of moments usually.

If you decide to purchase this healing session it requires a 1-on-1 session until I find a quicker and better way to do it. We can do this by chat, which is easier, or by e-mail.

I will send you healing energy for emotional pain for when you are upset, angry, sad, fearful, etc. You will easily let go of emotional problems from stress at work, in relationships, and more so that you can return back to your old happy self.

Most energy methods take way too much time and energy to heal negative emotions especially if you rely on the old clinical methods of talking through your troubles. There are many great new healing techniques and some are much faster than others.

My technique is by far the best I’ve ever seen and most times it takes only a few minutes to get rid of really painful emotions.

Not for depression.

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