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Testimonial – Energy Healing Sessions for A Special Case

This is a testimonial I’ve received from a very nice lady I’ve been working with for quite a while now. She gets extremely stressed because of her current life situation. She is being bullied by the people in her small town, in the church, by her landlord and neighbors, by social workers who don’t do their job, and the list goes on and on. As you can imagine all of these injustices are something that would be difficult for anyone to handle.

She suffers from severe fatigue, exhaustion and sometimes she has trouble just trying to do the little things that we all take for granted like getting out of bed, taking out the trash, cooking, cleaning, etc. She has many fears and stresses that we’re working on. Her anxiety is much more severe than the majority of the people I work with.

I asked her what she feels when I do energy healing for her… “Can I ask you, do you notice any energy (sometimes) when I’m doing energy healing? Do you notice a boost in energy, ever, when I do it?”

And here is her reply…

“Yes….I do. Then it peaks off and I go back to EXHAUSTION and BRAIN fog and fatigue.

When I do feel the energy surge through and course through my body and my whole entire being….. that’s when I hurry up and get up and take full advantage of it.

When my body SURGES up with the energies that you’re sending me I get up….

And I try to go on turbo mode and cook and clean take out the trash care for [my son] and I…… meditate [deleted]…..

And I noticed my mind becomes lazer sharp Aware….

When my brain is able to Zen and focus like that….. is when I hurry up and try to go to a place where I can be alone and meditate and chant and pray to God and communicate with angels

It’s just once it’s done and gone I feel like I have a caffeine crash physically and mentally and emotionally.”

~ B. Singer

I edited her reply just a little for typos.

Everyone reacts a little differently to my energy healing so I can’t guarantee that everyone will be affected in this way. I’m just happy that it does help her to function.