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Frequently Asked Questions – Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine

Here are a list of questions that are asked frequently about the Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine and how it works, how to set it up correctly, etc.

The Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine works by 90-95% energy ball and programming and 5-10% faith/belief. Someone who is not open minded and blocks any success they could have had by totally disbelieving in the machine will probably have very little success if any at all. Someone who is open minded but with a little doubt will probably have success with the machine. And someone with lots of faith should have lots of success.

The Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine and Healing Machine
Q: What is the difference between the Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine and the other Paper Radionics Machine?

A: The Manifestation Machine will help you to manifest any intention you can think of. Some users have also effectively used it for healing of certain health conditions.

The other machine I offer is the Paper Radionics Machine for Healing which is specifically for healing of different physical conditions.

You can use the Healing Machine for healing whatever it is you want healed and then use the Manifestation Machine for everything else (whatever you want to manifest into your life).

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Which machine do I need to purchase to be able to use all the codes?
A: You will need to purchase the Manifestation Machine on this page…

To get the Solomon / Talisman Seals Codes as well you will pay a little bit more so make sure to select the correct payment link. These codes will be emailed after you purchase.

Q: Can I use the machine to help a friend or family member?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I use the machine for more than one wish at a time?
A: Yes. You can print out several machines and run them all at the same time. You can run different things on separate machines.

Q: Can I use my own intention with the machine?
A: Yes. You can write out whatever you want to manifest with or without using the codes but the codes can help boost the power of your manifestations. (The codes can help you manifest things faster.) You can ask for anything you want.

Q: Can I print the machine smaller?
A: Yes. Print them any size you like. You can also print several on one sheet of paper.

Q: Can the intention be written outside of the box?
A: Yes. The intention can be hanging outside of the box. Whatever you have written on the slip of paper will be included in your manifestation. This way you can have a longer intention on one slip of paper.

Q: Can I write multiple codes on one slip of paper?
A: Yes. You can have several codes on one slip of paper.

Q: How many codes on one machine are too many? Does putting a lot of codes on the machine diminish the strength?
A: No. Put as many codes as you want on the machine. It won’t diminish the strength.

Q: Can I write the manifestation codes and Solomon Seals codes together on one machine?
A: Yes. You can use both at the same time on one slip of paper and you can stack multiple slips of paper on top of each other on one machine.

Q: Can I stack multiple codes and/or intentions and images on top of each other?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I stack multiple machines on top of each other?
A: Honestly, I really don’t know if that would work well. I’ve never tried stacking them on top before. I like to make sure they each have their own space. Here is an idea though. You could print out smaller machines so that they don’t take up as much space. Then if you print 4 of them on one piece of paper (which you could laminate, if you wanted to) and place small slips of paper on each area you will have 4 machines in one folder, with none of them touching the other.

Q: Can I place the machine in a drawer to get it out of the way when people come over?
A: Yes. You can place it in a folder and in a drawer. I would suggest you keep it on top of everything else in the drawer.

Q: Can I tape my intentions/slips of paper to the machine? Can I tape everything down? Can I weigh it down with something else?
A: Yes. This is a good idea especially if you move your machine often or if you keep it out in the open and you don’t want the slips of paper to fly away by mistake. You can tape them or weigh them down with coins or something else that is kind of heavy.

Q: How long should I leave my intention on the machine? How long do I let it run?
A: Almost all the codes can be left all day and night. You can leave the codes on the machine until your wish manifests, basically. Leaving your intention on the machine all the time won’t hurt.

There are a few codes you do not want to run all the time… the Physical Energy codes and the Restful Sleep code. Only run the Physical Energy codes during the day or when you want more energy. Only run the Restful Sleep code at night for about 30 minutes to an hour (if after trying 30-60 minutes and it still isn’t strong enough you can use it longer but be careful).

The Restful Sleep code can be very powerful and if you leave it on too long you may
a) sleep too hard – it can relax your muscles very strongly
b) have trouble waking up
c) be groggy and tired during the day

Q: What else can I do to make my manifestations stronger and faster?
A: You can take some time each day or every other day contemplating and going over your intentions and it will be strengthened even more. Stand over or sit in front of your machine and always think positively while you do it. Think of it as a type of prayer. When you’re done leave the machine alone and try to relax your mind by doing other things so that it can work.

Q: I understand that my wishes may not come true within the first few days but how long before my manifestations manifest?
A: I can’t say for sure how long it will take. It could be a few days or a few weeks for smaller things to manifest. For your bigger wishes, where several things must come together in just the right way, it may take months.

Q: How many Booster Symbols should I use with the machine?
A: You can use as many as you like. Test them and see what happens. The more you use the stronger the machine will work and possibly the faster your wishes will manifest.

Q: Is it normal to feel a tiny ounce of warmth from the spiral portion of the machines?
A: Yes. It is real energy that works the machine. It can feel like warmth, coolness, or tingling.

Q: I just hope the Mercury retrograde is not causing the machines to work slower…do moon cycles slow down the function of the machines as well??
A: No, I don’t believe moon cycles have an effect on it but your beliefs about moon cycles might. Remember, beliefs are important as well but don’t dwell on it. Try to put it out of your mind and just allow the machine to work.

Q: Leaving both our names on in each of the boxes (this question was specifically about a love manifestation) won’t drain our energy/brain power would it?
A: Yes leave your names on it. The machine does not use your energy. The energy ball does all the work so it will not drain your energy either.

Q: Can I print the machines in black and white or does it have to be in color?
A: You can print the machines in black and white or in color. Either way your machine will work exactly the same.

Q: Do I have to purchase to use the machine to use it?
A: Yes, otherwise the machine will not work properly. You may get the opposite of what you want and cause all manners of trouble. I did not do this intentionally to the machine but this has happened before. I received a message once from someone who did not subscribe and purchase the machine and he said that the opposite of what he asked for happened. He wanted to attract a girl that he liked but instead of attracting her she got really angry at him. I’m still a little surprised that this happened. He said something else bad happened but I can’t remember what it was.


Code Questions

Persuasion Code
The persuasion code will help the person you use it on be more open to doing what you want. They may be more open to listen to what it is you want of them or it may make them become more helpful to you. I guess depending on who you are using it on… if you know the person then you can probably be more specific but if you don’t know them you may want to use more of a general request. Of course, you can always test both to see what happens whether you know the person or not.

Q: Once we start the intention the person will start having a general desire to do the thing we ask before we even ask it?
A: Yes, it is possible.

Q: Does the code act to plant a seed in the person’s mind to do what we want, so that when we want it done, they’re much more open to the idea?
A: Yes.


Healing Machine Questions

Q: How long do I leave these 2 pieces of paper on this machine for a few hours or a few days? And is leaving it on there too long a bad idea?
A: Leave them on the machine as long as you like. It won’t hurt you to let it continue to run. If you or someone else seems to become uncomfortable you can stop running them for a while. If the problem you are trying to heal goes away you can stop running them. You can run them for hours, days, weeks, etc.