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I hope you enjoy!

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Before you begin…

Using the Vision Improvement Sessions will dramatically improve your vision. Before you begin please be sure to read all instructions. Begin your Vision Improvement Session by clicking on the Start button below.

Always do a vision test before you start by printing the Snellen eye chart here.

Important Tips:

1. Sometimes your eyes just simply need rest. If you use the sessions and you feel that the sessions aren’t working then it may be that you need to relax your eyes by going to sleep or taking a nap. This has happened to me several times where I thought the sessions weren’t working but I realized it had been a long day and my eyes were tired. The next day I always notice that my vision is much clearer.

2. The energy ball I created for this project has a fail-safe included. That is, it will not run all day long or for days, weeks, etc. The eyeball can only make a certain amount of change at a time. After a short time the eyeball needs rest and time to acclimate to the changes. What happens is that the energy will at some point make a decision to stop running the energy into the eye when it has had enough. Now, the way I have the sessions setup, you can tell the energy to stop before it does on its own but if you don’t stop it manually it will stop on its own at some point. You should always stop the session yourself just to be sure.

Because of the fail-safe you will not be able to start the session and think that in a few hours, while you sleep or something, or in a few days that you will miraculously open your eyes and have 20/20 vision. See the disclaimer in this article for more information.

Vision Tests

It is important to do the vision tests as outlined in this section so you can track your progress. Although, it is not always necessary it is good to make sure you are doing the Vision Improvement Sessions correctly and also to test if the sessions are really working as I say they do.

Please complete the vision test so that you can compare your vision before and after your Vision Improvement Session.

Eye Tests

Print it at 100%.

Print and tape one of the pages of the Snellen Eye Chart on a wall and mark a spot on the floor 20 feet away.

Do three tests:

1. Test both eyes at once to see how far down you can read on the chart and make a note of it.

2. Test the left and then,

3. the right eye to see which one is stronger. Make a note directly on the chart or a different sheet of paper so you don’t forget which eye was stronger.

This will help you to decide whether or not you need to strengthen one eye only. This is important because if one eye is weaker and one eye is stronger and you run the Vision Improvement Session on both eyes your vision in the stronger eye might get too strong and you won’t be able to see clearly out of your current glasses.

So I always suggest that you *TEST BOTH EYES INDEPENDENTLY AND RUN THE SESSION ON THE WEAKER EYE FIRST* until it is as strong, clear and sharp as the stronger eye.

After this is done you can then run the session on both eyes at the same time.

Far Away Test

Look out a window or stand outside, always in the same spot (mark the spot if you need to), and look at an object in the distance. Make a mental note of how clear this object/text/view looks. After you finish your Vision Improvement session stand in the same spot and view your chosen object again.

Close Up Test

Read a book close up but at a comfortable distance — try to make sure you hold the book at the same distance before and after the test — and see how clearly you can read the text. Compare before and after your Vision Improvement session.

Once you’ve done the vision tests click the Start button just below this post to begin your session. Make sure to read all instructions before you begin.

Complete the Vision Improvement Session

Click the Start button at the bottom of this page.
Please be sure to read the instructions before you begin.

You can relax or watch TV while the session is in progress. I suggest you stay still during the session. This means you should not move around too much. You don’t have to be absolutely still but try to keep movement to a minimum. It works best this way.

For even faster results do not read or use the computer while your session is running. Relax your eyes by watching tv (as long as you are not straining to see the tv) or by closing your eyes. Although you can read or use the computer, these things may be what is making your vision worse and actually slows down the process. The session will work while you are doing these things but there is a faster improvement in vision when you don’t do them. It is fine if you have to use the computer or read while you run your session but just know that it may be a bit slower.

For the fastest and best vision improvement session you should not squint or strain your eyes and you should not use the computer, play video games, use your cellphone or any small electronics, or read while the session is running.

You may feel a tingling sensation in and around your eyeballs. This is normal.

When and How to Stop the Session

You may time your sessions in increments (such as 15 minutes and 30 minutes) and test every once in awhile. Every now and then you should look around at your surroundings to test your vision or you can use the Snellen Eye Chart.

Stop your session by pressing the Stop Button on the last photo or write down the word *Stop* on a piece of paper.

Vision Improvement Session

Before you begin:

1. Figure out which eye you want to improve.

a) If you want to improve vision in only one eye, point at that eye with your pointer finger (of either hand) and then press the Start Button.

b) If you want to improve vision in both eyes just press the Start Button. (You do not have to point at both eyes.)

2. Click the Start Button to Start the session.

3. There are two ways to stop your session. When you would like to Stop the session, click the Stop Button OR write down the word *Stop* on a piece of paper. This will stop the session totally. (You don’t have to point at either eye.)

Other Tips:
Be sure to time your sessions and test your vision with the Snellen Eye Chart after the time is up.


ALWAYS STOP YOUR SESSION! Remember, if you do not click the Stop Button the session may continue too long and your vision may get so strong that you cannot see using your prescription lenses. This is the reason I set it up so that you can just write the word Stop… so that you do not have to be logged in to stop the session.

You can relax or watch tv while the session is in progress but you should not do any activity that may strain your vision like reading. I suggest you stay still during the session. This means you should not move around too much. You don’t have to be absolutely still but try to keep movement to a minimum. It works best this way. (It will probably still work if you’re busily moving around so it’s up to you how you would like to proceed.)

Start Your Session

Click the Start button below to begin your session.


*Note:* You may not feel like it’s actually working until you notice any sensation in and around your eyes and/or when your vision has improved.

Stop Your Session

When you would like to Stop the session, click the Stop Button OR write down the word *Stop* on a piece of paper. This will stop the session totally. (You don’t have to point at either eye.

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